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    With the adoption of any new textbooks, there will be new things for all of us to learn.  Educational Services aims to provide support and resources for the implementation for our English Language Arts/English Language Development textbooks.  Grades TK-5 will be incorporating McGraw-Hill's Wonders.  Grades 6-8 will be incorporating McGraw-Hill's StudySync.  Please contact emily_mcdougall@myfsd.org if there are additional resources you'd like to see added.

    How do Reading Workshop and Wonders complement each other?

    The California ELA Standards are the content that must be taught by educators.  The standards covers the specifics for teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Grammar and vocabulary are also covered.  In the Fullerton School District, we believe in a balanced literacy program.  We are to teach all areas of English Language Arts.  The Reading Units of Study used within a Reading Workshop model is one of the important pieces to teaching the standards.  The goal of Reading Workshop is to produce accountable, independent reading and teach students to be strong, independent readers.  This is one aspect of teaching English Language Arts.  For all the other areas specified in the ELA Standards, we rely on the resources and materials provided by McGraw-Hill’s Wonders program.  Wonders provides support in the foundational skills, text complexity, text-based questions, and many other areas that may be lacking in the Reading Units of Study program. Wonders will be a strong complement to the Reading Workshop model especially for developing and supporting capable, independent readers.