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Dr. Robert Pletka

On behalf of Fullerton School District, I extend my warmest welcome to the students, parents, faculty and staff.  Our motto, “Great Schools – Successful Kids,” is a truism supported every day by providing standards-based academic programs that foster an environment where teachers and parents work together to make instructional decisions that promote success for all students.

We are proud that everyone at Fullerton School District is unwaveringly committed to developing innovative instructional programs that shape character, developer intellect, promote 21st Century learning skills, encourage collaboration, foster creativity, and provide for the joys of artistic expression.

To our students: reach for the stars, believe in your dreams, learn, live and grow at our Fullerton schools.  To our parents: come, be a partner with us as we work hand-in-hand toward your child’s academic excellence.  We are dedicated to creating a strong sense of belonging for everyone within the Fullerton community.

Our expectation is that Fullerton teachers will ignite a passion for learning beyond the classroom in an environment that allows our students to collaborate, communicate, and become critical thinkers.  Fullerton students of today are tomorrow’s leaders in the realm of endless opportunities.