2021-2022 Learning Choices

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    April 23, 2021

    Hello FSD Parents,

    For the 2021-2022 school year, FSD will be offering a virtual learning experience for students who want to stay home for distance learning. Parents will need to choose this option by May 7th. Parents may also choose the MyFSD Academy Homeschool program. This choice needs to be made on the PowerSchool Parent Portal which can be found by going to the district website, then hovering over the parent tab and clicking on PowerSchool Parent Portal. You can also fill out the attached form and turn it into your school office by May 7th. If you want your student to come back to school full time in-person, you DO NOT need to do anything in the portal and no form is needed. All students will be assigned to their school for in-person instruction by default. ONLY parents who want their child to do virtual learning or the MyFSD Academy Homeschool need to make this selection in the Parent Portal.

    100% Virtual/Distance Learning

    *Students will be included in on-campus events at their current school (or assigned school if moving to junior high), and they will stay enrolled at that school site for the 2021-2022 school year.  The Distance Learning teacher will most likely not be a teacher from their school.

    For the 2021-2022 school year, students may only change from virtual to on-site or from on-site to virtual at the Semester/Trimester and may only change if there is room in either program. If there is not space in the online program, the student would need to remain on campus. If there is not space at your site for on-campus learning, a space will be found at another site.

    *This choice is being made now so the district can plan for the correct number of teachers at each site and for the virtual program. Any changes to this choice before the school year begins will need to be approved by the site administration based on space available.

    MYFSD Academy Homeschool

    The MyFSD Academy is a homeschool program that is hosted at Rolling Hills and Orangethorpe Elementary Schools (K-6) and at Nicolas Junior High School (7th grade only for 2021-2022). The parent is the main teacher in this online program with a lot of independent work for students, with some on-campus and online instruction. Individual plans are created with teachers, parents, and students. More information can be found by clicking here or by visiting the MyFSD Academy tab under the schools section of the district website.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and please remember to make your choice by May 7th if you want your student enrolled in either virtual/distance or the homeschool program.


How to Select Each Student’s Learning Module for the 2021-2022 School Year

  • If you do not wish your child to attend school on-campus full-time next school year, Parents must log into the FSD PowerSchool Parent Portal website to select either 100% Distance Learning or the MyFSD Academy Homeschool by May 7th. If you wish for your child to attend school on campus full-time, NO action is required.

    This process MUST be completed from the Parent account and NOT the student account!

    Log into the website or click here to access the login screen:

    Once logged in, you will click on the “Distance Learning Options” icon in the left navigation.

    Select either:

    100% Distance Learning


    MYFSD Academy

    click Submit  (Once you have selected a learning option for that child, the submit button will be removed)

    **If you have multiple students enrolled in Fullerton School District, you must submit the learning module for each student individually by clicking on each students’ name in the blue bar, choose the learning module from the drop down and clicking Submit.

    Please contact the school office if you do not have all your students linked to your Parent Portal account.



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