Verizon Hotspot Recall

  • Verizon has recalled 2.5 million Ellipsis Internet Jetpack Hotspots. We currently have 250 students in the district with these hotspots. These families all received an email, text, or phone call from the district on Tuesday afternoon. You can look at the picture in the letter below if you think you may have one of the affected models. If you do have the model pictured, you can contact your school office for an exchange.
    Dear Parent of a student with a Verizon MiFi jetpack hotspot,

    Verizon has issued a recall, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, for the Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack mobile hotspot devices in use for distance learning. Over the last several weeks, they were made aware that the lithium-ion battery in the hotspots can overheat, posing a danger.

    We will be working with Verizon as quickly and efficiently as possible to exchange all Ellipsis Jetpack devices that were issued by the school for an Orbic Speed mobile hotspot, free of charge.

    1. If your device has been on this week, Verizon already pushed a software update to your device starting on Sunday. You only need to bring it to your school office for exchange starting Wednesday, April 14.
    2. If your device has been turned off this week but is needed for learning tomorrow, please turn it on so that the Ellipsis Jetpack can receive two (2) over-the-air, automatic software updates. You will know the software updates have been applied when the device’s identifying number scrolls across its screen. After the software update is applied, users should leave the device powered on when it is plugged in. When not in use, the device should be turned off, unplugged, and securely stored. Please bring it to the school office for exchange starting Wednesday, April 14.
    3. If your device has been off and you don’t need it for learning this week, leave it off and unplugged, and bring it to your school office for exchange starting Wednesday, April 14.  

    As a reminder, and to help promote the safe operation of all devices, please follow these best practices:

    • When not in use, turn the device off and unplug it.
    • Place your device on a flat, solid and sturdy surface such as a floor or table.
    • For proper ventilation, do not use the device in a bed, sofa, chair or other soft surface, and ensure your device is not covered by a pillow, blanket or other item.
    • Keep devices near room temperature when in use.
    • Use only approved charging cables, including the cable provided.
    • Do not expose the units to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.
    • Do not expose the unit or its battery to water or other liquids.
    • Do not drop the units and do not insert foreign objects into the battery or unit.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions or concerns about the technology issued to you, please contact your school for support.

    Jeremy Davis
    Assistant Superintendent, Innovation and Instructional Support