Mission Statement

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    The mission of the Fullerton School District is to work collaboratively with the community to provide an innovative, high-quality educational program for all students in a safe learning environment. Our motto, “Great Schools - Successful Kids” exemplifies the belief that all students will achieve academic excellence, acquire interpersonal skills, and develop technological expertise to contribute as productive citizens in a democratic society.


    Focusing on Excellence


    Student Learning

    • Develop and implement rigorous and innovative instructional programs within a safe and positive learning environment to help shape character, develop intellect, promote 21st Century learning skills, encourage collaboration, foster creativity, and provide for the joys of artistic expression.

    Curriculum and Assessment

    • Provide a standards-based academic program that focuses on utilizing research-based instructional strategies with effective and timely feedback that allows staff and parents to work together to make instructional decisions that promote success for all students.

    Budget and Resources

    • Maximize all existing funds and resources to enhance learning opportunities for all students while maintaining fiscal solvency and seeking new sources for revenue enhancement.


    • Actively recruit, retain and value highly qualified, well-trained staff members.

    Parents and Community

    • Promote service, partnerships and increased involvement among the District, schools, parents and the community of Fullerton to actively support our schools.

    Staff Development

    • Encourage and support growth by implementing research-based professional development to guide work and align training opportunities to District goals, site goals and student needs.


    • Empower all students and staff to effectively integrate state-of-the-art technology in all facets of the instructional and operational programs of the District.


    • Sustain a professional cutting edge leadership team that works together to promote collaboration and foster a positive learning and working environment for all students and staff.


    • Maintain and improve facilities to provide a safe, attractive, positive learning and working environment for all students and staff.
    Adopted by the Board of Trustees – May 13, 2008