Family Reading Challenge

  • Dear Parents, Students, and Staff,

    Happy New Year! As we step into this new beginning, I'm excited to launch our “40-Day Family Reading Challenge,” starting January 22nd and continuing until March 8th. This is your invitation to join the reading countdown and commit to this enriching journey. Pledge your participation in the challenge today on social media using #fsdlearns. It's a wonderful opportunity for our school community to come together, exploring the joys of reading.

    **Why a Reading Challenge?**
    Reading is essential for learning, but it's also a tool for strengthening family bonds, building empathy, and enhancing cognitive abilities. Incorporating reading into our bedtime routines can even improve sleep quality. Let's embrace this chance to discover new worlds, ideas, and stories.

    **How It Works**
    Each family is encouraged to spend 15-30 minutes daily on reading. Whether you prefer novels, magazines, or children’s books, the aim is to make reading an enjoyable part of everyday life.

    **Simple Ways to Start**
    - **Morning Reading:** Begin the day with newspapers or magazines.
    - **Evening Family Time:** Share stories or novels after dinner.
    - **Bedtime Reading:** End the day with a relaxing book.

    **Grade-Specific Challenges**
    Look out for additional reading challenges designed for various grade levels, offering unique themes to captivate and engage students.

    **Join the Reading Adventure**
    I am personally committing to this challenge and urge you to join me. Whether it’s in the morning or before bed, let’s read for 15-30 minutes each day. Share your reading experiences and favorite moments online with #fsdlearns, and let’s build a community of passionate readers.

    This 40-day journey promises to bring us closer, enriching our lives through the power of reading. I’m eager to see how this experience will strengthen our school community.

    Happy reading, and don’t forget to share your journey online!


    Dr. Bob Pletka
    Superintendent of Fullerton School District



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