In accordance with California Education Code section 48985.5, the Fullerton School District is required to inform parents/guardians annually of the dangers associated with using synthetic drugs, including but not limited to fentanyl.


    Synthetic drugs, including fentanyl, pose significant risks to individuals who use them. These risks include:

    1. **High Potency:** Synthetic drugs like fentanyl are often far more potent than traditional narcotics, leading to a higher risk of overdose and death even with small amounts.

    2. **Health Risks:** Synthetic drugs can have severe and unpredictable effects on the body, including respiratory depression, coma, and death. Long-term use can lead to addiction, cognitive impairment, and other serious health problems.

    3. **Lack of Regulation:** Synthetic drugs are often produced illegally and may contain unknown and harmful substances. There is no way to guarantee their purity or potency, increasing the likelihood of adverse reactions.

    4. **Youth Vulnerability:** Adolescents and young adults may be particularly vulnerable to the allure of synthetic drugs due to peer pressure, curiosity, or misinformation about their effects. However, their developing brains and bodies are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of these substances.


    It is crucial for parents/guardians to talk to their children about the dangers of synthetic drugs and to monitor their behavior for signs of substance abuse. Parents/guardians should also educate themselves about the signs of drug use and seek help from medical professionals or substance abuse counselors if they suspect their child is using synthetic drugs.


    For more information about synthetic drugs and how to talk to your child about substance abuse, please visit the Orange County Department of Education's website found here:


    Additionally, parents/guardians can refer to the FSD's Substance Abuse Prevention Program with Mr. Ray Flores for additional guidance.

    By working together to educate ourselves and our children about the dangers of synthetic drugs, we can help prevent substance abuse and promote the health and well-being of our community.