• Play to Your Strengths: Emphasize Relevant Skills or Education 

    Posted by Wes Kriesel on 11/28/2022 1:00:00 AM

    When individuals do not have much experience, they can have a difficult time landing a job. First and foremost, if lack of experience on your resume (see our previous post) is due to you not having a job, it is very important to let the employer know why there are gaps in your résumé. If this is the case for you, consider shifting the focus of your résumé directly on the skills and education you do have.

    This would be the opportunity to mention in your resume what skills you have developed in recent years - these skills can include the following: communication, collaborating with others, great attitude, excellent writing skills, any other languages you can speak and/or write, software applications you can use efficiently, contributing creative ideas, and working under strict deadlines and pressure.

    In addition, add in your cover letter, or even resume that you are motivated to learn any new skills and that you are willing to make an extra effort to ensure you learn things quickly and efficiently! Make sure you highlight your strengths and let those be known to the employer. As far as education, make sure to include the area you specialize in and how your education helped you grow.

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    Describing specific projects that you completed while in school and how you overcame any challenges, if there were any, will come a long way. If you still cannot find some experience to include in your résumé, create experience for yourself; in other words, perform voluntary work that is related to the field you want to be in. Even being part of a club at your church, school, or other community organization will help your skill set appear even more professional and will increase your chances, even if slightly. 


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  • Tailor Your Resumé

    Posted by Wes Kriesel on 11/14/2022 1:00:00 AM

    Having a résumé  that is presentable and very well put together will increase your chances significantly in getting hired.

    • First, you should make sure that the formatting of your résumé  is consistent; such as the margins, font, size, make sure the sections are separated and easy to read, use bullet points to avoid using long sentences.
    • Include your name and contact information such as email and phone number at the top of the page.
    • Word choice plays an important role.
      • Use action words; so instead of saying “I am a teacher,” say “I designed lessons.”
      • Find a way to use some of the language in the job description in your résumé. Tailor your résumé  to their job description to help illustrate how you are a match.
      • For example, if the job description asks for someone who can take leadership, mention something in your résumé that describes you taking leadership, but be honest and make sure they are relevant to the position you are applying for.

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    Tailoring your résumé to each job you are applying for,  having an obvious generic résumé will not attract the attention of employers. Lastly, proofread! Proofread! Proofread! Make sure all spelling, grammar, and punctuation are correct. Most writing software applications will have automatic spelling checks, including Grammarly which will help with word choice. 


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  • The Power of Networking

    Posted by Wes Kriesel on 11/7/2022

    Building and strengthening positive relationships goes a long way, as they can open amazing opportunities! A simple strategy to use in your networking practice is simply sparking up a conversation with an individual you meet. This individual can be a parent at your child’s school, an old friend, a family friend, or a school peer. However, attending a networking event, a job fair, alumni events, or even public speaking events increases your chances significantly, as it is also important to make a connection with others and find any similar interests that you may have.

    • Introduce yourself, be friendly, and engage in a fulfilling conversation where the other individual will have an interest in you and the work you can do.
    • Practice active listening! People love to give advice and feel appreciated when they are listened to.
    • Share! Take note that you should also be willing to help others by letting them know of your contacts and your skills, networking and building a relationship is a two-way street.
    • Don't push or pressure! It is also important to take into consideration that you should not ask for a job, as this will apply pressure on them, instead ask for advice on how you can accomplish a certain career goal.

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