• Signature Practice

  • Develop Your Signature

    Due Date: Friday, February 11th

    Objective: Students will develop their own signature.

    Having good pencil control is essential to making the marks that we want to make for our art.  Controlling our pencil and the pressure of our marks help us become better artists.  Having pencil control takes practice and patience. Write out your signature and look at it from a new perspective.  


    1. Complete this assignment on paper or digitally (Notability).

    2. Begin with a simple print version of your name.

    3. With every version add a new element. (connect 2 letters, slant, cursive, large, small)

    Another option is to print out your name using various script fonts and copy the letter styles.

    4. Eventually you will need to practice signing your name 40+ times. 

    5. Once you feel confident in a signature continue to practice that signature 20 more times. 

    6. When you are done circle your favorite signature in red.

    7. Submit your signature practice to Google Classroom. 

    Signatures to develop style 40x's = 10 points

    Circle favorite signature in red =1 point

    Practice Signature 20x's =4 points

    Total = 15 points