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Community Message 07/21/2020
Hello Fullerton School District Parents and Community!
The Fullerton School District is proud to offer a brand-new program this school year for our TK-6 families. MyFSD Academy is the Fullerton School District’s Homeschool program designed to continue past our current pandemic and even when we return to regular in-person schooling.
MyFSD Academy is a homeschool program housed at Orangethorpe and Rolling Hills Schools. Students who enroll in this program are enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year. MyFSD Academy is intended for families who are interested in the homeschooling concept, where the parents are involved in most aspects of the student’s learning and schooling process, and who also want the support of a credentialed teacher for goal setting, one on one meetings, and hands-on symposiums or project-based learning times. Additionally, students may participate in voluntary field trips and social events. This program is designed to help students discover their interests, find their strengths, and engage in a personalized approach to learning.
Online Education
Students are provided with a flexible learning model that includes an online learning opportunity with a credentialed teacher. This option will be available along with the distance learning reopening.
Students are enrolled at Rolling Hills or Orangethorpe. 100% virtual program available.
Email questions about the homeschool program to MyFSDAcademy@myfsd.org. Any question that is submitted to us will be addressed in the FAQ document in the right sidebar on this page. Or call Trang Lai at 714-447-2805.
There are four major components to MyFSD Academy. First is the technology component. Technology will play a large part in delivering the curriculum through a Learning Management System that will be used to post assignments, activities, and communication. It will be our one-stop shop to make it easy for us to stay connected.
Next is the pedagogy. We are using the competency-based education model. Our focus is on helping students achieve mastery of the standards by giving them a choice. Students will be provided a menu of options on how they want to learn and how to demonstrate that they learned it. Multiple measures will be used to assess student mastery including portfolios, tests, quizzes, and performance tasks.
Now let’s take a look at the content. Just like any other classroom in Fullerton School District, MyFSD Academy teachers will be teaching to the California Content Standards for English Language Arts, math, science, history, PE, and visual and performing arts. We will use the district-adopted curriculum with supplemental resources and materials.
In this last section, the fourth, and most important, component is a focus on the parent-school connection. We will partner with our families to provide choice and voice on when to learn and how to learn. We will also collaborate with students and parents on goal setting. When everyone knows what the objectives are, the more likely those goals will be achieved. And, there are optional symposiums/seminars designed to deepen areas of interest. 
Through MyFSD Academy, parents have choices on when your child learns and how they learn with the support of a credentialed teacher. See some of the potential options below.



Student/Teacher Check-In Delivery Model

[  ] All face-to-face

[  ] All online

[  ] Some face-to-face;

Some online


Student/Teacher Check-Ins (15-30 minutes)

[  ] Weekly

[  ] Twice Weekly

[  ] Thrice Weekly

[  ] Four Times Weekly

Meeting with Parents

(15-30 minutes)

[  ] Once a week

[  ] Twice a month

[  ] Once a month


Delivery Model

[  ] Online Only

[  ] Mix of  Online and Offline 

[  ] Offline Only


Hybrid/Flexible Learning Model



[  ] Reading

[  ] Writing

[  ] Math

[  ] History-Social Science

[  ] Science

[  ] Physical Education

[  ] Art

[  ] Reading

[  ] Writing

[  ] Math

[  ] History-Social Science

[  ] Science

[  ] Physical Education

[  ] Art

Syposiums/ Seminars

[  ] All the Arts

[  ] Art Journals

[  ] PE 

[  ] Science Labs

[  ] STEM Labs

[  ] Design Thinking

[  ] Fieldwork Journals

[  ] Writing Workshop

[  ] Literature Circle

[  ] Reading Workshop

[  ] Speech & Debate

[  ] Tech Integration

[  ] Photography

[  ] Filmmaking

[  ] Film Editing

Personalized Learning/Electives

[  ] Genius Hour

[  ] Thrively

[  ] PATHFinder

[  ] Project-Based Learning

[  ] Passion Projects

[  ] Theater Experience

[  ] Visual Arts Experience

[  ] School-wide Initiatives

Field Trips

[  ] Museums

[  ] Discovery Science Center

[  ] LA Book Fair

[  ] College Visits

Family Education Trips

[  ] Beach

[  ] Parks

[  ] Mountains

[  ] Grade Level/School Trips

[  ] Virtual Field Trips

School/District-wide Events

[  ] Jog-a-thon

[  ] Read Across America

[  ] Family Nights

[  ] Special Days/Events

[  ] Back-to-School Night

[  ] Open House

[  ] Festivals

[  ] Robot Nation

[  ] FSD Fest

After School Clubs

[  ] Chess Clubs

[  ] Art Conservatory

[  ] Theater 

[  ] Chorus

[  ] eSports

[  ] Sports

[  ] Dance

[  ] Robotics

[  ] DELTA Club

During the enrollment process, parents will be offered a menu of options to customize the program. For instance, student/teacher check-in can be all face-to-face or all online or a mix of the two. Students can have a one-on-one weekly check-in or more depending on the age of the student and other factors. 
Since parents will need to play a big role in monitoring and supporting their child’s learning, parents can also choose how often they would check-in with the teacher. We have a flexible delivery model where instruction can be delivered online or offline or a combination of the two. 
In this model, parents can also choose which subjects are led primarily by the teacher and which subjects are primarily led by the parents. Another choice parents will be offered is through the seminars or symposiums and personalized learning experiences. Symposium topics could include writing, STEM, videography, physical education, or the Arts. These symposiums will be taught by our MyFSD Academy teachers or other FSD staff with expertise in these areas. At the start of the year, a survey will be sent out to seek out additional potential symposium topics. Symposiums could be a one-day seminar lasting from 45 minutes to an hour. Others may be a series of sessions over several weeks. You let us know your interest, and we will look for experts to present in those areas.
Lastly, your student will be part of a school and will be invited to field trips and school and districtwide events based on their interests as well. These are a sample of some of the learning options available to MyFSD Academy students.

New information will be added -- come back soon for updates!