• Please note…MUCH of the information provided on this class website will change. We are in transition with many of our education programs as well as changing log-in process and account information for students. Please be patient. If you have a particular request please let me know.

    *I am currently working on building a Google Site for our class website. Check it out here...as I get new information for the 2023-2024 school year I am adding it to our Google Site https://sites.google.com/myfsd.org/c74thgradeclassroom/welcome-to-4th-grade

     *Due to the ever changing needs of our students, and implementing new curriculum, this site and it's contents may change along with schedules, procedures, etc. I use our class website primarily to house documents, weblink, instructions, and more for the students. When school starts and I get everyone's parent email address we will primarily use the Google Classroom and DoJo account. I'm hoping that the parent account can be more user friendly and hopefully we can share pics and important dates easily. 

    *Students will use Google Classroom. This is where all of their assignments will be posted. 

    *Our class uses CLEVER to sign in to most of our frequently used websites and classroom.google.com.

    IF you have any questions please reach out...