G1 - Ms. Endicott's Contact Information

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    Hello, G1 Bunch!

    Email:  penny_endicott@myfsd.org

    Instagram:  @g1bunch (Follow us!)

G2 - Mrs. Talbot's Contact Information

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    Hello, Talbot Tribe!

    Email:  kelly_talbot@myfsd.org

    Instagram: @thetalbottribe (Follow us!)

    Link:  Weekly Zoom Schedule  Our live meetings with G2 Kids!

    Office Hours:  I am available daily from 2:00 - 2:30pm on Zoom.  Please email me for the link.   I am happy to provide my phone number as well if you would like to be able to reach me for support!

G3 - Mrs. Moon's Contact Information

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    Hello, G3 Bumblebees!

    Email: amy_moon@myfsd.org

    Instagram: @g3bumblebees (Follow us!)

    Office Hours:  2:00 - 2:30 PM