Parking Lot Safety & Expectations

  • Traffic Congestion and Parking Lot Safety

    Because of the large number of parents and children arriving at school at the same time, School Zones often present a serious safety hazard for children. As congestion increases, it becomes more difficult for parents and our students to see one another out on the street, in the sidewalk, or in the parking lot. Caring parents often unknowingly create traffic hazards while rushing to drop off or pick up their children.
    By making simple changes in your daily routine, you can reduce the dangers that children face as they arrive and depart from school each day.
    • Consider carpooling with neighbors or friends to reduce the congestion.
    • Don’t use cell phones or drive distracted.
    • Do not speed into the school parking lot attempting to cut in front of another parent.
    • Don’t park across the street and have your child cross in the middle of the street. If there is no alternative to parking across the street from the school, accompany your child, using a crosswalk.
    • Do not impede traffic flow by double parking, or waiting at a stop sign forcing other traffic to drive into oncoming lanes just to get around you.
    • Do not double-park waiting for your child. This condition exposes children to being struck by other vehicles leaving the curb.
    • Explain to your child why it’s important to exit from the safe side of the vehicle (right-side).
    • If your child walks alone, encourage them to cross at the corner using designated crosswalks.
    • Follow instructions provided by school crossing guard and those assisting in the parking lot. These individuals are working to keep your children safe.
    Learn about the use of existing drop off/pick-up systems organized by the school. If a drop-off/pick system does not exist or needs to be improved, work with your school to create and improve the system.

    Fullerton School District appreciates parent volunteers and those willing to assist with traffic duties.

    Drop-Off at Yellow Loading Zone
    To promote the safe loading and unloading of students and keep traffic flowing, please follow these rules. This will make drop-off smoother for everyone.
    • All parents should park only in designated parking areas (like the school parking lot) if you plan on leaving your car.
    • The red and yellow marked curbs are NOT for parking.
    • Yellow marked curbs are for loading and unloading students. It is an area designated for drop off and pick up only. Cars must be attended at all times in this area. No parking in Yellow marked curbs. 
    • Move your car as far forward as you can in the yellow zone. Then, drop off or pickup your student.
    • Please drop the students off on the passenger side. It is safer than the driver's side. Drivers will try to move around parked vehicles causing an unsafe condition.
    • Violation for street parking in Loading/Unloading Zone will be enforced by the Fullerton Police Department under section code FMC8.44.160. DO NOT park in the bus loading/unloading zone on Hetebrink and Starbuck Streets. 
    Parking Lot Expectations (Drivers/Caregivers)

    Student and driver safety is our primary concern.

    Follow the directions of staff members.

    Pull car forward to fill up any gaps.

    Only wait at the yellow curb.

    Do NOT park at the red curb.

    Go around the parking lot if asked to move.

    Stay in car.

    Make sure that students can enter from the passenger side of the car (increases student safety).

    Allow students to cross at crosswalks.

    Caregivers must keep students close to them while walking through parking lot to avoid the dangers of moving vehicles (backing up and moving forward)

    If a student needs to return back to their classroom to get their lunch box, money for ice cream, homework, etc. the parent must circle around again.
    Safety Traffic Rules for the Roundabouts:
    Please watch our video and follow all rules when entering our parking lot to keep our students safe!