Student Activities & Organizations

  • Robert C. Fisler school takes pride in providing various opportunities for students to get involved in their school and extra curricular activities.

    Student Leadership will encompass student-elected officers as well as other appointed student positions. The primary goal is to offer students the opportunity to participate in school and community service activities that emphasize the use of leadership skills. Leadership skills will be taught through the use of the Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) program and students use their leadership skills by participating in fundraising activities to benefit the school and the community. Students must have teacher recommendation.


    Want to get involved in your school and promote school spirit? If so, Student Council is the place for your voice to be heard. Open to students grades 3-5, Student Council is perfect for students who want to develop leadership skills and promote the Navigator Way of KSRR.
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    If you enjoy science and competition, then Science Olympiad is for you. For the past 26 years, the Science Olympiad Organization has organized regional, state and national competitions in various branches of science that include Anatomy, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. The high-level and demanding events of Science Olympiad prepare students for high school and collegiate science courses. Join us! Open for Grades 6-8.


    Calling all fourth, fifth and sixth graders! Do you like to solve complex math problems? Do you enjoy working with others? If you answered “Yes” to both of those questions, come join us for Math Field Day. For the past 19 years, the Orange County Math Council (OCMC) has sponsored Math Field Day. It is an all-day competition for students in grades 4-6. Students in each grade level work together to promote excellence in math, team work, and school spirit. Teams will compete in the following categories: Number Sense, Measurement and Geometry, Algebra and Functions, Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability, and Mathematical Reasoning. Fisler will participate every other year. Come join the team!


    American History and the Revolutionary War come to life during 5th grade’s annual field trip to Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, California.

    Upon arrival, students are placed in townships and sent off to participate in several “village posts” (hands-on stations) that may include: the Stamp Act, Blacksmith apprenticeship, trial before an admiral, etiquette lessons, drilling and marching as militia, weaving, the Quartering Act, and 18th Century games. Students who demonstrate their knowledge and quick thinking skills have the opportunity to earn shillings and via for a candied apple prize.

    After visiting the village posts, students feast on a lunch that consists of a soldier’s rationed portion: lemonade, corn bread, cheese, an apple, and dried beef.

    With full bellies in tow, students march into a battle in a unique recreation of the 1775 Battle of St. George’s Tavern. Some students live, and others die. Somehow, though, they all make their way onto the bus and back to the safety of Fisler School.

    This is one field trip that students will not soon forget! If you are interested in learning more about this educational and meaningful experience, please visit


    Science Camp is an opportunity for students to get a hands-on experience on the science that surrounds us in nature. Every year students make the trek to the our local mountains to study the geology and ecology of California. Students learn about the environment during various hikes and interactive group activities, as well as learn to appreciate nature. Aside from the academics, students also experience activities that nurture team-building and self-confidence.


    The Washington, D.C. Trip is an educational opportunity for students to further explore the 8th grade curriculum in the real world. Students will tour Virginia, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston and they will visit sites such as: Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, Gettysburg, Independence Hall, Constitution Hall, Liberty Bell, and the Old North Trail highlighting the foundations of our nation. This is a non-school sponsored trip with an outside organization.


    National Junior Honor Society is an opportunity open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Fisler School. As members of this group, students will complete hours of community service (30 hours in 6th grade and 40 hours in 7th/8th grade). Members will attend monthly meetings at which opportunities for service will be discussed. They are encouraged to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities such as National Public Lands Day, Adopt-a-Park, beach clean ups, and at various community organizations such as Second Harvest and school events such as the book fair, and Family Science Night. In order to participate in NJHS interested students are required to submit applications and to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA. Upon completion of the required hours of service, students and parents will be invited to attend a banquet at which students will receive a certificate and a medal in honor of their service to the community. This level of commitment in junior high will help prepare students for the requirements of community service in high school and college. We look forward to working with our NJHS Members in the 2020/2021 school year.