Special Notices to Parents and Students

  • Important Events and Dates ​​

    • August 15th - First Day of School


  • Tech Issues?

    If you are having difficulties logging onto the Internet at home with your iPad, please click on the following link to download troubleshooting directions. 

    • Tech Repair Ticket - Click on this link to report any technical issues you are having with your iPad.
    • District Home Log in Instructions - Using a home internet device, use this link If you are having problems connecting to the internet with your iPad at home.


Illuminate Portal

  • Illuminate is a web-based program that teachers use as a grade book as well as generate report cards.  Students and parents will be able to review current progress reports and assignments on Illuminate via the following portal.  The students' portal is set up, students simply need to go to fsd.illuminatehc.com and type their Google Email into the username and use their Google Password as the password for Illuminate.

    The parents should use the same username and password to access their student's records on Illuminate.

    I hope everyone finds these portals helpful.


    Mr. Conti

Weekly Piping Award Winners

Monthly Character Trait Award Winners

  • Character Trait for September = Responsibility 

    • RESPECT - 
    • Upstander - 
    • SAFETY -  
    • HONESTY - 
    • COMPASSION -  
    • FAIRNESS -  


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    August Birthdays

    • Estaban Z. - August 8th
    • Josias G. - August 10th
    • Kayden Q. - August 17th
    • Eun Seo K. - August 22nd
    • Jason A. - August 23rd

Hall Pass Link

Fern Drive Song

  • Click on this link for the lyrics to our school theme song:

    You’re a Gold Ribbon School

    We're a gold ribbon school
    We are friendly and cool
    We work hard and we aim for the best

    Our teachers are great
    Our families - top rate
    We soar into deep falcon pride

    We are safe and on time
    Always ready to learn
    Respect is the name of our game

    So with all we do 
    We love our school
    Keep your eye on the Falcon Pride


      Music to theme song