Fern Drive Anti-Bullying Campaign

  • Fern Drive Anti-Bullying Campaign: Bullying is NEVER ok!

    During the month of September 2023, all students took part in Fern Drive’s Anti-Bullying Campaign, and promised to keep our school safe for all students, and to be “Bully-Free.”  

    Thank you for your support!

    Fern Drive’s Anti-Bullying Falcon Pledge 
    Bullying STINKS and is NOT allowed at Fern Drive!
    This pledge is for me, my friends today and my friends tomorrow
    I think that being mean stinks
    I won’t watch someone get picked on
    I am a DO SOMETHING person,
    Not a do nothing person.
    I care.  I can help change things.  
    I can be a leader.

    At Fern Drive there are no bullies allowed.
    Bullying is bad.  
    Bullying hurts.
    Sticking up for someone is the right thing to do.
    I won’t stand by and watch
    I will STAND UP to bullying.

    I will get an adult right away.  
    I will never join in if I see bullying happening.
    I will help those who have been bullied get adult help.
    I will work with my friends,
    I will work with my teacher and
    I will work with my school and family to solve any bullying problems.

    Everyone deserves to feel safe at school,
    to be who they are,
    to be treated with respect and
    have a chance to shine!

    Additionally, all Fern Drive students and parents must read, sign and return the Anti-Bullying Pledge on the Google Form below: