• Health Class Parents and Students

    Please be aware that Mr. Sonny will post all daily notes and handouts on Google Classroom for students who are absent or in quarantine for Covid so that students can keep up with the class lessons while they are out.

  • Welcome to Health

    Parks Jr. High School is now the only junior high to have a stand alone Health Class in the Fullerton School District and Mr. Sonny has over 29 years of teaching experience in this area.  In his class students will learn about  maintaining life long health through actions that are safe and legal.  Growth and development, caring for the human body, building human relationships, dealing with stress, coping with the health problems found within our society today, and sex education are just a few topics that will be taught and discussed throughout this semester.

    Park's comprehensive teen health course includes the following units of study:

    *Personal Health and Hygiene  *Skin and Skin Cancer  *Body Systems  *Health Careers  *Emotional Health  *Stress Reducing  *Suicide   *Communicable Disease *Adolescent Development  *Family Life/Sex Education  *Nutrition *Eating Disorders  *Drug Use and Abuse  *Vaping  *Accident Prevention *Emergency First Aid  *Exercise and Fitness  

  • Mr. Sonny's Story

    Here is the video that tells students about my life and how I became a Heath Teacher .

    Mr. Sonny's Video

  • Contacting Mr. Sonny

    PARENTS:  PLEASE USE EMAIL when contacting me and I will try and get back to you that day or within the next 24 hour period of time.

    My email address is:    mark_sonny@myfsd.org 

    STUDENTS:  You can ask your questions personally when you are in class.

    I am looking forward to another GREAT year at Parks!!!

    Mr. Sonny

  • 7th Grade Health Survey


    (students, please invite your parents to fill this out as well!) 

    Please take a few moments to click on the link and fill out the form regarding Mr. Sonny's health class.  This is to help him improve his course.  Thank you for your feedback!

    Health Survey