Student Dress Code

  • Dress Code Policy                                                                                                                    
    Nicolas Jr. High School encourages students to dress appropriately for school. The daily clothing/attire should be conducive to an educational environment and should not be disruptive of school operations and the educational process. In cases of questionable clothing choices, the school administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the student’s attire. 

    The following serves as a reference to appropriate clothing while at school:

    1. Dress or grooming is prohibited if it is obscene, libelous, or incites students to create a clear and present danger of unlawful acts of a substantial disruption at school. 
    2. Clothing should be clean and in good repair with no holes. Ripped jeans may be worn from the knee down. If holes are above the knee, leggings or other fabric must be worn to cover the holes.
    3. Pants must be worn at the waist and must fit the waist without a belt. Visible undergarments are not acceptable. Belts must be appropriate to the student's waist size with plain belt buckles.  No excessively long belts are allowed.
    4. Clothing must entirely cover the front and back of the student to the waist. No bare-midriff, halter, off-the-shoulder, strapless, or spaghetti-strap tops are allowed.
    5. All students must wear shirts with sleeves. Tank tops are not allowed.
    6. Footwear must be worn at all times on campus and have hard soles (Tennis shoes are appropriate/acceptable, soft-soled slippers are unacceptable). No sandals, slides, thongs, flip-flops or backless shoes are allowed.
    7. Pocket chains (such as might be used to hold a wallet or keys) are not allowed.
    8. Clothing promoting the illegal or commercial use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products, promotes violence, racism or death or that includes sexual innuendo is not permitted.
    9. Styles of clothing (jackets, shirts, hats, lettered belt or belt buckles, “sagging,” make-up, hair, sports groups etc.) which symbolize affiliation (as identified by the Fullerton Police Department) with negative youth groups are not allowed.
    10. A pupil who comes to school without proper attention to personal hygiene or cleanliness of dress may be sent home or asked to change clothes.
    11. Pajama bottoms are prohibited.
    12. Clothing that is too revealing (i.e. low-cut tops, short shorts, low-rise pants, or clothing which allows undergarments to show) is not allowed.
    13. Shorts that are more than 1 inch below the knee are prohibited. -NEW
    14. Clothing shall be worn at an appropriate/acceptable length for sitting as well as standing so that undergarments do not show.  Clothing may be of any style if all slits, openings, and length are no higher than half the distance between the knees and waist, and do not expose one’s underclothing.   No undergarments or posteriors should show.
    15. Students may not display writing or drawing on their bodies.
    16. Plain T-shirts may not be worn over another long sleeved shirt.
    17. Plain white T-shirts are not allowed.
    18. Socks may not be pulled up more than 4 inches.
    19. The top button of shirts and jackets cannot be buttoned.   
    20. Leggings are not allowed, unless the leggings are worn under a skirt or torn jeans.
    21. No spike earrings or hoop ring facial piercings.
    22. Beanies, baseball caps, and hoods are not allowed.  Only full-brimmed hats may be worn outside.

    Nicolas staff members may use their discretion in deciding if a student’s dress is inappropriate. Any time a staff member believes a student’s dress is inappropriate or causing a disruption, the student will be referred to the office. Students will be required to wear school-supplied garments to cover inappropriate clothing or remain in the office until a parent is available to bring a change of clothing.

    Hat Policy / Sun Protection
    Hat Policy / Sun Protection In order to promote good health habits, students are encouraged to use sunscreen protection on a regular basis. Students are also allowed to wear certain hats to school in an effort to protect themselves from cancer and other hazards related to sun exposure (SB310). The Nicolas Jr. High School hat policy is intended for outdoor use only. Acceptable hats must be full-brimmed, providing protection for the face, ears, and neck. Hats must also meet all other dress policy requirements. Baseball caps are among the hats that are not allowed unless prior approval.