Counseling Department

  • Welcome to Nicolas’ Counseling Department

    Our goal in the Counseling Department is to support the success of the whole student by assisting them with academic, career/career, and social/emotional concerns. 

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Meet Your Counseling Team

  • Confidentiality Disclaimer:

    As a professional school counselor and mental health specialists, we take pride in our role within schools and working with students with a variety of concerns, whether it is personal/social, academic, or career-related.  It is imperative to provide students with a safe, reliable space when they feel they need additional support. 

    It is our responsibility to keep topics/issues discussed with students confidential unless:

    • The student reports that they are hurting themselves or want to hurt themselves
    • The student reports someone else is hurting them or has threatened to hurt themselves
    • The student reports that they are going to cause harm to another person
    Under these circumstances, we make the professional decision to contact the appropriate authorities, including notifying parents/guardians. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.