Mission & Vision Statement

  • Knights on the Pathway of Innovation

    Academic Characteristics

    Nicolas Junior High School is a comprehensive school serving 7th and  8th grade students. Nicolas focuses on STEM themes and teaching methodologies where all students are given the opportunity to engage in science, technology, engineering and math across the curriculum.

    Nicolas offers six unique pathways:  Design and Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Business & Media, AVID and Performing Arts.The pathways allow for students to find their passion and take their learning to a more advanced level. College credit is awarded to those that pass the Advanced Placement Computer Science Test. 

    Students also have a technologically enriched experience with our 1:1 iPad program.

    We offer students challenging Honors classes in Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, and Math. We also offer Algebra and Geometry classes.


    Our Mission Statement

    Nicolas Junior High School students are  innovators and mindful citizens who are determined, capable, and focused.


    Awards and Distinctions:

    • Congressional App Challenge Overall 2nd Place
    • Fullerton Education Innovation Grant for Advance Placement Computer Science Model
    • Only Junior High in Fullerton to have:
      • AVID
      • Award Winning Competitive Dance Team
      • Competition Speech and Debate Team
      • Computer Science Pathway School
      • Manufacturing Lab with a CNC Machine


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    Special Programs:

    • Design and Engineering Pathway
    • Robotics Pathway
    • Computer Science Pathway
    • Digital Media Pathway
    • Performing Arts Pathway
    • 1:1 iPads
    • Competition Dance Team 
    • Theatre and Theatre Production
    • National Jr. Honor Society
    • University Pathway Scholarship
    • A.P. Computer Science
    • After School Sports
    • Honors Classes in all subjects
    • AVID
    • Advanced Math - Algebra and Geometry
    • Choir
    • Competitive Speech and Debate
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Industrial Control and Automation Lab


    • Hope International University
    • Fullerton College
    • NFTE 
    • FESTO