MultiAge Program

  • The Rolling Hills MultiAge program offers students a unique classroom learning environment in a public school setting. At the core of our philosophy is a desire to provide meaningful learning experiences for students within the framework of state and district mandated content standards.

    Rolling Hills MultiAge classrooms offer a mixed age group of students who typically stay with the same teacher or teachers for several years. The children, teachers, and parents become a unique family of learners. MultiAge classrooms are designed to give every child the opportunity to find success at his or her own level of growth. Children are expected and encouraged to be independent learners, and developmental differences are honored. Students who need to be challenged are encouraged to explore their own interests through an academically challenging curriculum, while those who are late bloomers are given the time to bloom under our teachers’ watchful eye. We focus on a love of learning and the intrinsic rewards of a job well done. Children interact with the curriculum through direct instruction, in small groups, and independently. Typically, several curricular areas are interwoven into thematic units. This type of curriculum design makes learning especially meaningful for students as they master essential skills and make deeper connections in their learning.

    Parent participation is highly valued in our MultiAge classroom and teachers structure a variety of opportunities for parent involvement. Parents are invited to volunteer in the classroom, lead mini-classes, and support student learning throughout all grade levels.

    At Rolling Hills School, we value the traditional classroom setting with which many of us are most familiar. We also recognize the benefits of our MultiAge classrooms. We are delighted to offer excellent options within our school for all learners and welcome your interest in our programs. Please contact our office to arrange to tour our school and learn more about our exceptional MultiAge Program.