• I am so looking forward to meeting everyone this year! This will be my 15th year teaching and my 9th year at Rolling Hills. I can't imagine doing anything other than teaching - I love working with kids, helping them grow, and learning new things from them every day. 

    I have been married for 14 years and have two kids - Tanner is 11 and Luke is 9. Both boys are proud Roadrunners. 


  • Mrs. Dyer and Mrs. Cleary are the proud fifth & sixth grade teachers in rooms 10 & 11.  They work as a team, sharing all of their students. The fifth and sixth grade teachers organize the school day as a middle school model, with classes set-up as "periods" throughout the school day.  Students work with different groups of classmates for different subjects, and are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, gain independence, and thus take charge of their education.  Mrs. Dyer and Mrs. Cleary's students are truly awesome--brilliant, creative, collaborative, and mature.  These teachers are honored to learn and grow with their Kind, Safe, and Responsible Roadrunners.  

  • Mrs. Dyer and Mrs. Cleary have twenty-three years of teaching experience between them both. A teacher in the Fullerton School District for her entire career, Mrs. Dyer has taught all different grades and subjects from third grade up through eighth grade. She has taught at a total of three schools, and worked at the Fullerton School District Office.  Mrs. Dyer's favorite grade to teach is sixth. She has a husband, Chris, and three energetic and amazing children (Luba-25, Dmitri-24, and Vladimir-20), and lives in Yorba Linda.  Mrs. Dyer and Mrs. Cleary have established a well-known, successful sixth grade program at Rolling Hills, carrying out the legacy of the famous the sixth grade play, and has created and kept many fun, exciting sixth grade traditions. Mrs. Cleary is in her ninth year as a Rolling Hills Roadrunner, but has taught grades second through sixth, and has also served as an Arts Specialist and a Response to Intervention Specialist.  She also cites sixth grade as her favorite.   Mrs. Cleary has a husband, Dan, and two adorable and spirited sons (Tanner-11, and Luke-9).  She resides in a historical home in Tustin.