National Junior Honors Society (NJHS)

  • National Junior Honor Society

    "Welcome to the organization the world’s highest achieving middle level students have been proudly adding to their résumés since 1929. There is only one National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), and it provides an outstanding opportunity to grow with academically accomplished peers who are sharpening the habits needed for success in high school and beyond." -

    Students in 7th Grade and 8th Grade Students at Ladera Vista Junior High School of the Arts who work towards Scholarship, Citizenship, and Service each year are eligible to apply for NJHS membership and earn a medal at NJHS Induction Ceremony at the End of the Year Awards. The following membership requirements must be met in order to begin the application process:


    LVA NJHS Membership Application will be accessible beginning the third week of March, 2024. Both LVA Membership Application and LVA NJHS Volunteer Form will be due April 3rd, 2024. LVA Students that join LVA NJHS Google Classroom should make a copy of the LVA NJHS Volunteer Form under Classwork, and begin documenting community service hours.