Academic Honesty Policy


    The Board of Trustees of the Fullerton School District and LV believes that students are expected to behave, both socially and academically, in a way that would be indicative of Spartan Pride. Academic honesty is a part of Spartan Pride. This means that students are expected to take responsibility for producing work that would exhibit their best effort and demonstrate their level of knowledge of a specific topic or skill when they are assigned work to be completed individually, while taking tests, and when representing themselves, their team, or their school in competitive situations.

    Academic dishonesty is when a student resorts to cheating or plagiarism to provide false evidence for their level of knowledge. Cheating is any one of the following acts: using notes, aides, or the help of another student on a test / talking to another student during a test or quiz / copying from or allowing another student to copy from one’s own test or assignment / not completing one’s portion of the work a group assignment / not playing or completing by the rules. Plagiarism is using part or all of another person’s work without giving credit to that person.

    Violation of this policy could result in a zero (failure) for the test or assignment and a “U” in citizenship for that class. In specific situations, further consequences may apply as well.