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  • Homework Procedure

    Always complete your homework on paper (unless otherwise stated). Take a picture of your homework and keep the physical paper until your grade is recorded in PowerSchool.

    1. HEADING: Write your first and last NAMEDATE, and PERIOD in the top right corner of your paper. Also include the ASSIGNMENT TITLE (ex: "pg.14 #1-5") at the top left corner.
    2. COPY the problem/figure down. For word problems, please write down all necessary information to set up the problem, or draw a picture.
    3. SHOW ALL WORK for full credit, which includes all steps leading up to the answer.
    4. BOX or highlight your final answer.
    5. CHECK your answers using the "Selected Answers" section of your textbook. 
    6. CORRECT homework by re-doing the missed problem(s).