Dress Code

  • Hermosa Drive Dress Policy | Appropriate School Attire

    “The Board of Trustees believes that the development of attitudes and behavior patterns in dress and grooming should be part of each student’s total educational experience. Dress, hair style, or makeup which are of a distracting nature or which interfere with the study habits of students in the class or school are not acceptable. The District is responsible for the establishment of classrooms and the campus atmosphere, which creates the proper conditions and practice of orderly study. Grooming standards are directed towards the fulfillment of this obligation, attending to the concerns for health and safety… Reflected with these standards is an appreciation for the current trends in style or fashion, but tempered with restrictions regarding extremes that are disruptive, dangerous, or inappropriate at school … Clothing worn should correspond with the demands and attributes of the activity in which students participate.”

    The following are not considered appropriate, safe attire for students at Hermosa Drive Elementary School:

    • open-toed or backless shoes
    • oversized or excessively large clothing
    • gang attire or clothing that displays logos for tobacco, alcohol, drugs
    • clothing that does not cover underwear (ie. short shorts, skirts, and dresses) or fully cover chest and stomach area (ie: spaghetti straps, midriff tops, and wide-armed shirts)                            
    • clothing that displays profanity      
    • clothing that displays illustrations and/or language degrading a race, religion or gender      
    • hoops or dangling earrings

    Amended Policy (November 2001): Students are allowed to wear hats to school in an effort to protect children from cancer and other hazards related to exposure to the sun. (SB 310) The Hermosa Drive Elementary hat policy is intended for outdoor use only as ‘sun protection’. Hats are to be worn properly, forward facing and need to be removed when entering a building. Hats must meet all other dress policy requirements and display appropriate illustrations, words, and symbols.