Student Conduct Policy

  • Student Conduct Expectations

    The student conduct expectations listed below ensure that a positive learning environment exists for our entire learning community of students and adults at Hermosa Drive. In addition to these specific school expectations, California Education Code 48900 lists additional reasons for student suspension or expulsion.

    Be Polite and Respectful to Others:

    • Treat adults and peers with respect.
    • Be respectful of the ethnic background and personal beliefs of others.
    • Take turns.
    • Follow all playground rules and honor the freeze bell at the end of recess.
    • Playground games are open to all students and may not be ‘closed’.
    • Use appropriate language and gestures.
    • Use quiet voices near classrooms, breezeways and lunch areas.
    • Respect others property.

    Be Cooperative:

    • Accept responsibility for your own actions.
    • Be honest in school work and actions.
    • Have a positive attitude.
    • Be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
    • Willful disobedience will not be tolerated.
    • Follow the dress code for appropriate student attire.

    Keep Objects, Hands, and Feet to Yourself:

    • Fighting, play-fighting, or other aggressive behavior is not permitted.
    • Play involving bodily contact is not permitted.
    • Do NOT throw objects not intended for that purpose.

    Bring Only Appropriate Items to School:

    The following items are NOT permitted:

    • Hand-held computer games, laser pointers, cell phones turned on during the day (the school is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged phones)
    • Imitation firearms or weapons, explosives of any kind – fireworks, poppers, caps
    • Dangerous or disruptive objects, firearms or other weapons
    • Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, shoes with built-in wheels
    • Aerosol products (ie: breath fresheners, spray deodorants)
    • Obscene materials or personal belongings displaying vulgar pictures or language
    • Items displaying drug, alcohol, or tobacco products or logos
    • Sports equipment (except with special permission from school personnel)
    • Toys or other play items from home without school permission     
    • Cosmetics or hair care products
    • Gum
    • Medications that have not been processed through the school office (includes prescribed or over the counter medications of any kind)
    • Pets (without specific authorization from school personnel)

    School authorities may search student belongings if there is reasonable suspicion that the student is in possession of any item, substance, or material that is prohibited on campus.

    Take Pride in Your School by Keeping It Clean:

    • Use school facilities properly.
    • Pick up your own litter on the playground and in the lunch area.
    • Put all trash in proper containers.
    • Keep restrooms clean and report any problems to the office or custodian.
    • Do NOT deface or destroy school property.