What Is PE? What Do We Do?

  • For me as your child's PE teacher I firmly believe that in order for kids to continue doing something, it has to be fun.  I strive to accomplish this goal every day.  In this case for a student to continue to be fit, active, and healthy for the rest of their lives, they have to enjoy doing it.  I hope that kids find something they love in PE and continue to do it for the rest of their lives.  I teach sequential, age-apprropriate games, activities, and sports that give kids a sense of accomplishment.  I want them to experience success in my class, a sense of "I can do it."  

    My PE program focuses on four aspects:  (1) Strive towards, reach, and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle  (2) Learn to socially work together, problem-solve together, and tolerate each other in a positive way  (3) Learn skill themes (throwing, catching, jumping, balancing, striking, etc.) in grades K-2 and apply those skill themes to specific sports learned in grades 3-6 and  (4) Use your brain in PE to recall valuable information, devise new strategies in games, and learn new information (muscles, nutrition, physical fitness).  To me we use not only our bodies in Physical Education as the name implies, but we also use our minds to make healthy decisions that impact our lives forever.  

    To me PE is life.  Physical education has changed dramatically since I had PE.  It has a purpose.  It is as important to the curriculum in our schools as any other subject.  A physically active student who exercises most days has shown in studies to have better grades, higher test scores, higher self esteem, less stress, more energy, better relationships with family and friends, fewer health issues now and in the future, and more confidence in life.  I'm very happy to be here and that we are in a great district that recognizes the importance of PE.  I look forward to a fun and active year.