Mrs. Lee and Family
  • I have been teaching for twenty-two years at Beecwhood School. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Adolescent Studies and a Masters Degree in Gifted and Talented Education. I've lived in the wonderful city of Fullerton for my entire life and love that I can raise my five children here. I absolutely love teaching! I try daily to inspire creativity in each of my students. Engaging students in metacognitive learning is my goal. Some of the ways I like to ensure students' success include writing songs for the content we are learning, allowing students choice and nurturing student agency, giving students opportunities to be creators, and encouraging them to share their work in authentic ways. Technology is a big component in third grade as we introduce students to many game-changing platforms and applications to design, create, and showcase their effort and growth. I am passionate about helping my students learn, achieve their goals, and reflect on their growth. Additionally, I lead an after-school chorus for students who are interested in performing as a group...this brings so much joy to us all! I am excited and eager to begin another school year that will prove to be an amazing learning experience!