Beechwood 2023-2024 SPSA

School Mission/Vision

  • Mission:

    The Beechwood School community works together to ensure that each student receives a rigorous and balanced educational program in a caring environment where intercultural understanding and respect are valued. All children will develop critical skills that will allow them to effectively communicate, collaborate with peers, investigate & solve problems, and achieve their full academic and creative potential. 


    Our vision is to see that all students are equipped, enriched, and empowered for college and career readiness. We envision a school where the Professional Learning Community works in collaborative teams to focus on student learning and achievement. Teachers, students, and staff work on meeting grade level standards targeting specific learning needs and writing S.M.A.R.T. goals for all grade levels in the areas of language arts, mathematics, and English language development. Smart goals are Specific and strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Results-based, and Time-bound. The curriculum is standards-based and engages student learning. The Beechwood staff, through PLCs, will monitor individual student results progress, and revise goals and RTI strategies as necessary based on student needs. Parents are informed and involved in their child’s progress and viewed as partners in the education of their children. 

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