2021/2022 Valencia Park School

  • Principal: Dr. Guillermo Munoz

    School Site Council Approval Date: November 4, 2021

    STATE Program Funds | Estimated Funds

    • LCFF Supplemental 302 | $ 185,760
    • LCFF Base 304 | $63,114

    FEDERAL Program Funds | Estimated Funds

    • Title I Economically Disadvantaged 212 | $ 244,494

School Mission/Vision

  • Vision (Where we want to be): 
    The Valencia Park community of teachers, staff, and parents are committed to providing all students with a 21st Century real-world learning experience in a caring, collaborative, and compassionate learning environment where engaged students can grow individually, have fun learning, think critically, work collaboratively, and problem solve.

    Mission (How we will get there): 
    The Valencia Park staff is committed to providing all students with quality and challenging learning experiences that are intentional, student-centered, standards-driven, and in whole and small group settings.

    School Song: “At Valencia Park, Elementary School. Oh, we know just what to do. We are safe, responsible, respectful, and we're always ready to learn.”

School Achievement Goals

  • Goal 1

  • Goal 2

  • Goal 3

  • Goal 4