Richman School 2021/2022

  • Principal: Kristen Holm 

    School Site Council Approval Date: October 28, 2021

    State  Program  Funds  |  Estimated Funds

    • LCFF Supplemental 302  |  $ 217,429 
    • LCFF Base 304  |  $ 91,656 
    • Instructional  Materials 812  |  $13,167 

    Federal Program  Funds  |  Estimated  Funds

    • Title I Economically  Disadvantaged 212  |  $230,179

School Mission/Vision

  • Mission

    Richman Elementary is a collaborative learning community that values the home-school partnership. We are a school community that empowers students to be creative, thoughtful citizens by promoting a highly engaging,  relevant, and rigorous learning environment that encourages critical thinking and creativity. We provide a strong foundation in literacy and communication skills by integrating the disciplines of science, technology,  engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), as part of the education STEAM pipeline. 


    Richman Elementary aims to provide all students with an excellent education so that they feel empowered to dream big, discover their passion while developing their potential to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


  • Goal 1

  • Goal 2

  • Goal 3

  • Goal 4