School Site Council

  • The School Site Council (SSC) is required for schools receiving categorical funds. These funds are used to supplement the regular school program. The purpose of the SSC is to develop and approve the School Site Plan which is a comprehensive plan designed to improve the effectiveness of the school program. In order to accomplish this task, the SSC meets on a regular basis to assess student needs, develop and approve the plan including categorical budgets, and monitor its implementation. At Commonwealth School, the SSC meets a minimum of five times a year in Room 11A.

    Members of the SSC include the principal, classroom teachers, other staff members, and parents. Members of the SSC are elected by their peers; therefore, parents are elected by parents. Three parents are members of the Commonwealth SSC. A member serves for two years through a nomination process. A ballot is sent home to all parents. The parents with the highest number of votes will serve on the SSC.

    22 - 23 AGENDAS  and Minutes

    October 4, 2022Agenda

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    Past Agenda and Minutes

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