English Learner Advisory Council – ELAC

  • The purpose of E.L.A.C:
    E.L.A.C. promotes parent support for our English Language Learners and the ELD (English Language Development) program at Commonwealth School. At the meetings, information is disseminated to parents regarding current school activities and programs. E.L.A.C. also provides training opportunities for parents to support their child’s language development at home. 

    According to E.L.A.C. by laws, at least 51% of the membership belongs to parents of English Language Learners. The remaining percentage includes any other interested parents of Commonwealth School. All members of E.L.A.C. serve for two-year terms, commencing in September. Currently, 52% of students in grades K-6 are English learners.

    ELAC Meeting Dates, Agendas, and Minutes 2022-2023

    September 9, 2022   AGENDA 9/9/22     MINUTES

    October 14, 2022      AGENDA 10/14/22   MINUTES 10/14/22

    January 20, 2023      AGENDA  1/20/23    MINUTES 1/20/23


    Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
    September 17, 2021
    English AgendaSpanish Agenda
    English Minutes
    Spanish Minutes
    October 22, 2021
    English Agenda     Spanish Agenda
    English Minutes
    Spanish Minutes
    January 14, 2022
    English Agenda        
    Spanish Agenda
    English Minutes
    Spanish Minutes
    March 11, 2022
    English Agenda   Spanish Agenda
    English MinutesSpanish Minutes
    April 29, 2022
    English Agenda   Spanish Agenda
    English MinutesSpanish Minutes
    Roles & Responsibilities   Roles & Responsibilities