Principal’s Message

  • Hello Gator Scholars and Families!!

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year and welcome to GOLDEN HILL!! What an exciting time for all of us, as we continue to transform Golden Hill into a wonderful institution of learning, done in a way that enables all children to succeed....THE ARTS!!  Personally, I am humbled and honored to be charged with leading a school with such storied traditions, a wonderful reputation, and a dedication to excellence for all children!

    The arts are the backbone of any society, and both my life and career have been devoted to their advancement.  The experiences and opportunities I have gained in my career have instilled within me the belief that all students deserve exceptional learning opportunities. That includes the inclusion and integration of the arts, as well as being ensured high quality, great first instruction that allows for high levels of learning. 

    Research tells us that when teachers work collaboratively, when children are supported by adults who believe in their potential, and when parents are involved with their child's education, success is inevitable. And this is what we are trying to achieve.  The "triad" of teachers, students, and parents all working together for the best interest of ALL children, amazing and magical things can happen.  It is our belief that at Golden Hill, every child truly is a masterpiece, where they are encouraged to dream big, think outside of the box, and not be afraid to color outside of the lines.  Accessing the right brain and a child's creativity will strengthen and deepen their level of thinking in their left brain.  This is proven with over 70 years of research into the importance of arts integration. 

    It is important to me that everyone who steps through our doors is excited to be here!  I welcome your conversations throughout the year.  I cannot wait to celebrate our collective successes, small and large, during the upcoming year with you, always remembering that students are our primary focus.  

    As we enter this school year, our responsibilities and tasks are many, but our possibilities are endless!!  Through collaboration, we can foster a rich school culture in which every child can succeed. 

    My best to all,

    Dr. Neil Anderson

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