Safe School Plan

  • Nicolas Junior High

    Fullerton School District

    Safe School Action Plan Certification 

    SUPPORT STATEMENT: This document was developed and approved using a collaborative process respectful of representation from all stakeholder groups.

    Principal/Designee:              |  Robyn Clemente

    LAW ENFORCEMENT FPD/Local Jurisdictional Agency

    This is a public document and will be readily available for inspection at the school site and at the District Office.

    The Safe School Action Plan is part of the Comprehensive Safe School Plan and will be evaluated and amended by the school site council or school safety planning committee prior to March 1 of every year

    Bullying Prevention Mission Statement:

    At Nicolas Junior High, our school is a center for innovation and creativity. We provide students with meaningful, relevant, and rigorous learning opportunities. Through our infusion of the visual and performing arts, we strive to support students in making meaningful connections in their learning. As a school community, we exhibit a passion and enthusiasm for exploration, learning, and achievement, and we celebrate and encourage each student's successes. We take pride in creating a warm and welcoming school community, where students know they are safe and are expected to meet their greatest potential.

    Our PBIS Team plays a big part in our anti-bullying program. A well-organized and effectively functioning team, the PBIS Team has sponsored a variety of programs and events in support of ensuring our campus is safe a bully-free.

    Baseline Data and Resources:

    At Nicolas, we start the year with school wide behavior assemblies, where student behavior expectations are made clear to students. Students also participate in a bully-prevention program in their advisory classes. They are made aware of all aspects of the problem of bullying, types of bullying, effects on both the victim and the perpetrator. What to do in the event that a student is bullied. We also reinforce these concepts throughout the year and have held a anti-bullying assembly with bands and guest speakers We also follow up on any reports and our counseling team is there to support our students.

    What program(s) are you currently using?

    Our PBIS Program is the primary program currently in use at Nicolas. Our administrative team is also responsible for promoting and implementing our Bully-Awareness Program. Our ASB Leadership Team also supports the positive activities on campus and buddies with needy students. We also support students through peer conflict resolution as well as having counseling services.

    Who are the person(s) responsible to implement your program?

    • PBIS Team
    • Administrative Team
    • ASB Leadership Team
    • Nicolas Teachers
    • Nicolas Support Staff

    Who is responsible to oversee the program and evaluate if it is being successful?

    • Principal, Robyn Clemente
    • Assistant Principal, Rachel McCormick
    • PBIS Team, Shawn Moen, Lauren Comini, Tanya Gustin, Pat Hsieh, Rachel McCormick
    • Counselor, Pat Hsieh

    What activities are you planning on implementing for the  school year?

    We have already implemented a series of activities as described above. Our efforts are ongoing. We have a variety of activities planned throughout the remainder of the year.

    We have implemented our CODE PBIS program this year. CODE, standing for Caring Open-minded, Dedicated, and Engaged is a program in which teachers and staff can reward student who are demonstrating positive behavior. The students who demonstrate one of these characteristics are awarded a CODE card that they enter into a weekly raffle. Additionally there are CODE assemblies and other prizes.

    With the addition of our counselor, Pat Hsieh, we have also implemented open counseling time that enables students a safe place where they can be heard.

    We are also beginning a mentor program with ASB Leadership to support students who may be at risk for bullying or have been bullied. These students will be trained to support our at-risk students and engage them in social activities and planning for events on campus.

    All Staff on site have also been trained as mandated reporters. They are trained to recognize and report any signs of abuse or neglect.

    Our ASB has become a more service-oriented organization. In addition to planning dances and fun activities, they also are sponsoring monthly events to promote a bully-free zone.

    What strategies will you be implementing with staff, students and parents to build a safe bully-free environment?

    As described above, our anti-bully efforts and plans to ensure a safe and bully-free environments are ongoing. Trainings with Staff are ongoing, students are participating in a variety of events and training, and parents are kept informed through frequent communication.
    Additionally we held a Digital Footprint assembly that taught students the dangers of the digital environment and gave them the necessary information to help guide them while online.

    What tools will you use to measure if you have achieved your goal of a bully-free environment?

    • School Site Survey Results Fall and Spring
    • Youth Truth Survey
    • Suspension Rates
    • PBIS Referrals
    • Office Referral Rates

    Who are the partners that will help you achieve your goal of a bully-free environment?

    As described above, PBIS Team, Admin Team, School Staff, the District Office, and School Community Members.

    What other materials or resources will you be using to support your anti-bullying program?

    Websites, Relevant Newspaper Articles, Guest Speakers

    How will you communicate to parents and community what your program is doing to ensure the safety of all students?

    Student safety is frequently highlighted in our weekly parent communication, via hard copy flyers, Connect Ed messages, and e-mails.