Mija Lee

  • Hello Hawks families!
    My name is Mija Lee, Mental Health Associate. I graduated from the counseling program at Kent State University, Ohio in 2017 and I have been working with children, adolescent and their loved families at schools and non-profit agencies since then. This is my second year at Hermosa Drive and third year in California and I feel so blessed to be working with Hawks families.
    I enjoy traveling, camping, movie nights and walking trails with my family and friends. My family has traveled to 26 countries in 5
    continents and watch movies together almost every Friday night.
    Thanks to my job, I have learned that everyone has their unique strengths and beauty they gained by going through life's challenges and pains. I love being with kids and being busy (or silly), so when your kids need someone to talk to about difficult feelings, I will be happy to help them.