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    Welcome to Room 26. I am Miss Park and I'll be the instructor for Math 7, Math 7H, and Math Essentials. I have been teaching at FSD for the past four years. I really enjoy teaching math and working with students' strengths and weaknesses to promote a learning environment. I look forward to working with you all and challenging you to become more mathematically minded.  I received my single subject teaching credential, emphasis on Foundational Level of Mathematics and an M.S. in Education with an emphasis on Teaching Foundational Mathematics at California State University, Fullerton.



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  • Email: stephani_park@myfsd.org

    Degrees and Certifications:

    - Single Subject Credential - Foundational Level Mathematics
    - Masters of Education - Foundational Level Mathematics

    E-mail is the best way to contact me. I respond within 24-36 hours.

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    Period 1 - 2fykobl
    Period 2 -  xebmng6
    Period 3 -  pct3jzj
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    Username: (varies by student)@myfsd.org
    Password: xxxxxxxxxxx (same as school email)
    Click on Student Edition & Resource to download any Modules and save in Google Drive. Then open in Notability and save to use offline. Online textbook can also be downloaded for eBook.

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