Daily Schedule

  • School Schedule:
      M, T, Th, F Restructured Wednesdays
    Earlybirds 8:30-12:40 Same
    Latebirds 10:20-2:30 8:30-12:40


    TK Schedule:

    8:25- 8:45 Early Falcons Arrive, Story and Morning Meeting

    8:45-10:15 Small group learning centers 

    10:25-10:40 Recess

    10:40-11:40 Whole group activities

    11:45-12:25 Lunch

    12:25- 1:30 Center Time

    1:30-1:45 Afternoon Recess

    2:30 Falcons Dismissal Time


    On Wednesdays and Fridays we have PE at 8:30






Transitional Kindergarten in the Fullerton School District

  • FSD Transitional Kindergarten is the first of a two-year, age and developmentally appropriate kindergarten program enhanced with technology integration.  Our goal is to foster social and emotional development, collaborative play, and self-directed learning through a variety of experiences.  Parents are encouraged to become partners in their child’s education.


Mrs. Green

  • I have been teaching in the Fullerton School District since the mid 80's. I strive to help keep students engaged in their learning and nourish the love of education for their life ahead.