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Volunteering in the District

Live Scan Locations Fullerton School District encourages parents and community members to get involved with their schools. Your participation enhances instructional and extra-curricular programs and motivates students. This site will provide you with information on how to volunteer with Fullerton School District.

The goals of Fullerton School District are twofold:

1)    To encourage and assist volunteers in their efforts to support student learning

2)    To ensure the safety of our students at all times

After you have identified the type of service you wish to participate in, please complete an application, along with any required documents, and submit it to the appropriate school site. To allow sufficient processing of your application, please submit your application at least three weeks prior to the event which you are volunteering for.

Types of Volunteers:

  • A Driver/Overnight Field Trip Chaperone is one who may be alone with students under general supervision of the District.
  • A Classroom (short term)/Day Field Trip Volunteer/Guest Speaker is a volunteer who is constantly under the supervision of a certificated teacher. Short term volunteer assistance may be only for a day, here and there on a monthly basis.
  • A Classroom (regular basis)/Preschool Volunteer is one who may be alone with students in an instructional/aide capacity. A regular basis classroom volunteer assists in a routine and consecutive time period (three hours or more per week on a weekly basis).
  • A Service Learning Volunteer may be a high school or college student not in a credential program seeking community service credit and is constantly under the supervision of a certificated teacher.

Fingerprinting Estimated Costs:

In some instances, fingerprint clearance may be required before a volunteer may begin. If fingerprinting is required, volunteers must submit the Volunteer Application form (can be found below) to the school site. Volunteers will receive a live scan form from the school site, in which they will take the form to a live scan fingerprinting facility. At the live scan facility a volunteer will pay for the DOJ and FBI level of service, along with a rolling fee (a fee for having your live scan/fingerprints completed at the location/facility). DOJ’s fee is $32, FBI’s fee is $17, and locations rolling fee vary. These fees will be payable to the Live Scan Center chosen by the volunteer applicant. FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. (Explanation of costs can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions form)

Available Forms: