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Technology Resources

Online Resources for Students Using Technology

There are a variety of free tools for parents. Please see the links below:


Follow the links below:


Common Sense Media Resources & Internet Safety


Free Common Sense iBooks


School2Home Parent Resources


Families in Schools


FBI Internet Safety Resources


Kids Health Resources


Distance Learning


Wireless Technology in the Classroom 

Wireless Technology Responsible Use in Classrooms

The Fullerton School District (FSD) department of Innovation & Instructional Support is working to provide safe wireless access to classrooms providing all students internet connectivity throughout the District. As a result of this initiative to provide wireless access to classrooms, concerns have been expressed that by doing so, there is excessive electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including radio frequency (RF), exposure to students and staff.

What is the Fullerton School District doing to address these concerns and the conflicting information about unsafe levels of radiation to students and staff?

  • We are exploring, researching, and building one of the safest networks for our students and staff members. Although providing a 21st century learning environment is important for Fullerton School District, it will not be at the expense of comprising safety to our students or staff members.
  • We have consulted and will continue to do so with network experts, manufacturers, other school districts, and competent safety professionals to ensure that our systems are operating and maintained in a safe manner.
  • We have measured the RF exposures simulating an actual classroom environment streaming data as if children were actively learning in a classroom. This testing included the actual software and hardware that students and staff will use for California Common Core Standards lesson plans.
  • The testing results confirmed that all EMF measurements were significantly below the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) exposure limits.
  • Although our results are within the current guidelines set forth by FCC, we have adopted exposure limits that are 10,000 times lower than any current standard. Additionally, we are supporting efforts to have the FCC revise their current standard to help parents with the conflicting information that has surfaced on the internet and through public comment.
  • We will continue to maintain the condition of the network infrastructure ensuring safe operation according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. We will continue to safety test as necessary.
  • We continue to offer to students, staff, and parents cyber and internet safety curriculum throughout the year. We encourage parents to instill safe computing practices at home with their children. You can access safe and responsible use of computers for your student at: http://www.commonsensemedia.org


Free or Low Cost Broadband Internet Options

Broadband Internet Access

Free or Low Cost Internet Options:

The Fullerton School district understands that access to broadband Internet is essential in many ways in today’s society. We also understand that many can’t afford traditional rates for this access. With that in mind FSD has listed the following options below and continues to work with internet providers, federal, state and local agencies and local business that already provide free wireless or low cost access as part of doing business. In addition to these options FSD is actively opening up its current internet wireless at school sites so they can also be accessed by FSD parents and students. Finally, FSD is working with Apple, Google, publishers and other vendors to insure that critical content is preloaded onto the device itself and can function when no Internet connectivity is available.


Everyone On is a program designed to provide free or low cost internet to families of students in the Fullerton School District who qualify for free and reduced lunch.  Follow the link below, enter your zip code and follow the directions. 

English Website: http://www.everyoneon.org/

Spanish Website: http://www.everyoneon.org/?lang=es