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LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)

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The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year strategic plan that reflects engagement from parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders. Each year stakeholders have opportunities to provide input on how the district should use the state funding allocated through the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) to support the success of all students in the district. 


The LCAP requires that the district identify goals, explain what actions and services we will provide to meet those goals, and report the estimated and final expenditures associated with these actions and services.  In addition, the LCAP identifies how the district will measure annual progress toward these actions and services and what outcomes we expect to see over three years.  The final LCAP is posted to the FSD website and each year FSD must submit an Annual Update to report progress on LCAP goals. 



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The LCFF Budget Overview for Parents is a communication tool that provides an overview of  FSD’s state, local and federal funding sources as follows: 

  • Total projected general fund revenue to include Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) supplemental and base funding
  • All other state and federal funds, and Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) funding
  • Total budgeted expenditures for high needs students


LCFF Budget Overview for Parents (2021-2022)   (linked here)

(APPROVED by OCDE August 20, 2021)

Presented to Board: May 11th, 2021
Public Hearing: June 8th, 2021
FSD Board Approval:  June 22, 2021
Final OCDE Approval: August 20, 2021


During the 2021-2024 school years, the district will be focused on the following goals:


Goal #1: All students will demonstrate proficiency or growth toward proficiency in ELA and Math.


Goal #2: District will ensure access to high quality digital tools, resources, personalized learning technology and professional learning to ensure that all students have opportunities to access engaging online instructional resources and can demonstrate digital and informational literacy skills required for college and career success.


Goal #3: All District departments and school sites will work to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes the physical, social and emotional health and well-being of all staff and students.


Goal #4:  Promote engagement of all parents by creating a culture of inclusion through open and effective lines of communication and by providing families meaningful opportunities to support and celebrate student learning and cultures.


To find out what actions and services will be implemented to reach these goals, please see the full LCAP below in the next section.




Due to COVID-19 conditions, the LCAP was not required for 2020-2021 and state testing was cancelled:

Senate Bill (SB) 98  established that the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Annual Update are not required for the 2020/2021 school year and that the California Department of Education (CDE) shall not publish the California School Dashboard in December 2020 based on performance data on the state and local indicators. SB 98 supersedes the requirement to develop and adopt an LCAP by December 15, 2020, which was established by Executive Order N-56-20, which was published in April 2020.



Instead, another plan called the Local Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP), was required.  The LCP documents the efforts the district will take in 2020/2021 to:

  • Provide continuity of learning
  • Address the impact of COVID-19 on pupils, staff, and the community
  • Provide classroom-based instruction and distance learning
  • Support students who have experienced learning loss due to school closures
  • Support students’ mental health, and social/emotional well-being
  • Provide school nutrition for students attending school in-person and through distance learning
  • Provide professional development for teachers and staff to support distance learning and social distancing practices


LCP Approved 9/22/2020  (linked here)


LCP School Board approval timeline is as follows:

 September 8, 2020 – Public Hearing

September 22, 2020 – Approval of LCP


COVID-19 Operations Written Report

Executive Order N-56-20 requires that FSD complete a written report to explain the changes to program offerings that have been made in response to school closures, the major on students and families, and a description of how FSD is meeting the needs of our English learners, foster youth, and low-income students.


The COVID-19 Operations Written Report must be adopted with the FSD budget which is due on or before July 1, 2020.  The FSD Board of Trustees approved the FSD COVID19 Written Operations Report (linked here) on June 23, 2020.






LCAP Executive Summary 2019-20:



Questions about the FSD LCAP can be directed to:

Dr. Erlinda Soltero-Ruiz

Director, Educational Services


(714) 447-7400