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Learning Options - Most Commonly Asked Questions




If my child chooses virtual learning, will he have the same teacher/period/subject as now?

Yes, as much as we can keep the schedule the same, schools will do so.

With the Hybrid option, what is the length of the school day - is it the full 8:00 to 2:30 day?  And if they have the Monday/Thursday option, what happens on Mondays with holidays?

It depends on the grade level (number of instructional minutes) and school site (start and end times). On in-person days, students will have an additional 60 minutes of enrichment.

Can we make requests on the days we want students to attend in hybrid or in five-day - cohort A or cohort B?

Cohorts will be assigned. At this time, we need to make the assignment so we will look at keeping siblings together, and we will look at siblings in other schools (junior high). Check with the school office if you have a concern.

Can we change from Hybrid to a 5 day later on?

Yes, parents can change their choice, but it will depend on whether there is space.  Schools will make every effort though to accommodate parents who would like to change their learning options. Changes may take up to 7 days to take affect.

I already dropped the form off at my child’s school. I don’t need to do so again when you send the forms again, right?

If you’ve already submitted the form to your school, you do not need to fill out the form again, unless you change your mind.

What if I want to change my selection in the Parent Portal?

You can log back into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and change up until the 14th.

How do I get into the Parent Portal

Call your school office for the parent ID and parent password, then login to the Parent Portal

Will the teachers be instructing two groups at one time, one group in person, and one group via zoom?

Yes, those learning from home and alternative spaces will be zooming in. Those who will be in-person will be learning physically with the teacher.

Could you provide specifics details about the differences between distance learning now, and 5-day virtual learning?

If your child is continuing with Virtual Learning, the format will be similar to what is currently taking place. However, there are also significant differences. Teachers will be with students that are in class/in person while virtual learning students connect to the classroom via zoom.

If we switch our students at the beginning of the new trimester will they be placed back at their home school with the same teacher?


Is intra-transfer will stay in same school and students as well?

Approved transfers are for the duration of the 2020-21 school year. Open enrollment will begin again during January/February, and transfer requests for the 2020-21 school year will be accepted during that time.

What will break time and lunch breaks look like on campus?

We will keep cohorts together as much as possible even at recess. We will be staggering recess times and staggering play areas to minimize the number of students on the playground or at lunch at the same time and providing students with opportunities to safely stretch and move.

How will schools handle when a student/teacher tests positive for Covid? What if a student/teacher has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid?

If there is a positive case oe close contact with a positive case, FSD will immediately contact the Orange County Healthcare Agency (OCHA) and they will conduct contact tracing and provide guidance on our next steps.  With classes having students in both distance learning and hybrid, if someone has tested positive, the class will be able to all transition to distance learning exclusively if OCHA directs us to implement a quarantine period.

How will restrooms be continuously cleaned?

We have hired additional custodians for each site to keep our schools clean.  All restrooms and high-touch surfaces will be frequently cleaned and sanitized on a cleaning schedule and this cleaning will be documented on a cleaning log.

Will face masks be provided to children in school? If not , how will the school make sure children are wearing clean masks to school ? What kind of masks will be allowed ? If a child is wearing a face shield but no mask will that be ok ? 

Single-use disposable or washable cloth face coverings will be provided if children come to school without a face covering. We will check face coverings during morning health screenings. Face coverings approved by the California Department of Health and Orange County Health Care Agency will be allowed. A face shield with a neck drape without a face covering may be allowed.  Each situation will need to be evaluated based on need.

How often will teachers be tested for Covid?

Staff will be tested every two months.

How and when will you train the teachers to be able to interact with the in person class as well as the virtual zoom class at the same time?

Before classes open on October 13, the district will offer training to teachers. We are setting up mock classrooms for demonstrations.

So teachers will have kids in class and zooming at the same time? Under hybrid, the off-days at home will they be learning the same lessons the teacher is teaching in person?

Yes, all students in the class will be learning the same lessons.

How do you keep the teachers the same if part of the class is online and the other part in the class?

Those learning from home and alternative space will be zooming in. Those who will be in-person will be learning physically with the teacher.

If a student receives special education services and have chosen virtual learning, will they still receive services? If yes, will they be in-person or through zoom?

Yes, students will receive services based on their IEP.  This will be in-person or through zoom depending on what learning option was chosen.

Will there be temp checks for everyone that enters campus?


If a child reports that someone in their household has tested positive and they have obviously interacted with children in their classroom will those children have to quarantine for 14 days? 

Each report will be investigated by both FSD and the Orange County Healthcare Agency (OCHA) and the proper protocols will be followed. OCHA will provide FSD with direction on who should be quarantined based on their investigation.

So how many students will be in one class in-person plus zoom

Approximately 17 students will be in class, in person on a day. Depending upon the grade level, the maximum number enrolled in the class would be between 32-34.

What happens on holidays, namely the typical Mondays off - does the Monday/Thursday cohort lose a day of in-person instruction?

There is no learning loss due to instruction being planned on-going. Everyone will get the holiday off and resume the normal week.

Will the virtual school option timeline - be the same hours as in person (hybrid or 5 day?) 

Yes, the virtual learning option hours will be the same as the 5-day and hybrid options.

How or whom do you inform when you are ready to return to school in person from the virtual learning model?

You will want to contact your school’s office.

Will zoom schedule change for distant learning schedule? Will it be longer ? 

The schedule will be the same with an option to join an additional 60 minutes if desired. The 60 minutes will be enrichment activities.

Will elementary students who will be distance learning five days be given access to arts and other enrichment learning?

Yes, arts and other enrichment will be offered as a choice through Zoom. 

If my child loses or breaks his mask during the day, will the school provide a mask for my child? Also, will the teacher check children's masks regularly to make sure the mask is in a good condition throughout the day? 

Yes, extra masks will be available for the students. We will check on masks during health screenings, and check masks throughout the day as needed. 

For the 5-day on-campus option, will students be staying at their desk/seat/space for the entire day or will there be times to get up and move around?

For five-day students, they will be in the classroom two to three days per week (alternating Wednesdays) and then zooming from another location on campus the other days. The teachers will make sure to give opportunities for students to stretch and take breaks.

For Distance learning: will the schedule be M-F 8:30-12:30 or a different schedule?

The schedule will depend on the grade level and individual school site.

Will parents be receiving a list of teachers who are teaching from home?

A list will not be provided. The teacher will let you know. If the teacher is teaching from home, they will have a substitute in the classroom. 

Regarding sibling cohort placement…if we have kids at different schools, will the schools accommodate these sibling requests?

Every school will make an effort to place siblings on the same schedule as much as possible. Let your children’s school know your request and the reason for it.

Where do we fill out survey. Looking on website but don't see it

Go to the parent portal. This is located on our website under “parents” or at this link. https://ps.fsd.k12.ca.us/public/home.html Please contact your school site office for the parent access ID and parent access password. You can also fill out the survey at your school site, or download the form from our learning options website

When will we find out if our current teacher will be teaching in the classroom or from home? If the teacher is teaching from home, will a support staff be assigned to supervise students on core instruction days?

If a teacher is teaching from home, a support staff will be supervising the classroom/students.  You will be notified prior to the in person return date.

Originally the hybrid model had core instruction on the days the child was on campus and “extras” the days they were at home.  Will this continue to be the same or will core instruction be offered 5 days a week now.

Core instruction will now be offered five days a week.

Will students in hybrid model be using the school ipad at home as well? Therefore, travelling with ipad to school and home

Yes, the iPad will need to travel between school and home. The iPad will need to be fully charged every day when students arrive at school.

For students who will be in a hybrid model, but need to stay home (temporarily) for medical reasons, will the student be able to attend class as normal on zoom, or will that student be considered absent until they come back on campus for their hybrid model.

Any student in the hybrid or 5-day model who needs to stay home any day will still be able to participate in the Zoom online and be counted as “present” for the day.

Will this module be throughout the year or just first semester only?

We are planning for the current school year, but things could change based on state and local health guidelines.

How is recess and lunchtime monitored? Do the same grades go to lunch and 

recess together? Outside or in the classroom?

This will vary based on individual school sites, but students will be supervised at all times and will follow health and safety guidelines.

Will tents have strong Wifi and outlets? The iPad battery life will not support Zoom all day.

Yes, our technology department is aware of and addressing capacity needs as well as portable battery needs for students in the five-day program.

Is the on campus “afternoon enrichment” on the teacher days with the classroom teacher or with support staff?

It will depend on the day and schedule. Some afternoons students may have All the Arts lessons or P.E. Other times they may be doing a science experiment with their general education teacher.

Will there be tables/desks in the tents? does the wifi reach and work well enough for all of the students to be on zoom at the same time?

Yes, and wifi will be installed in all outdoor areas to meet student needs.

Are there thoughts of providing learning seminars for the parents to get the same understanding of how to leverage all these tech apps that these elementary students are using?  My 3rd grader has challenges with keeping up with all the different apps being used.

Seminars have been provided weekly through FSDLearns. The easiest way to find distance learning support for parents is to go to our main website at fullertonsd.org, then hover over parents, and click “parent distance learning support”.

Do children wear a mask when in the classroom?

Yes, students will wear masks in the classroom in grades TK-8.

Under what circumstances would we be returning to full virtual learning? One Covid positive infection? What is the plan in case a Covid outbreak happens at a school site?

The response to any positive infections will be based on the state of California and OC department of Health guidelines.

Is this October start date based on what happens in California? Is it firm?

It’s an anticipated start date based on current state guidelines. We will follow state and local guidelines as we plan for return and take into account time to prepare for transition. The date could change based on new information or orders from the state.

If Orange County moves back to the purple tier, will schools go back to all online Zoom classes?

It is possible that that may happen. Since each student will stay with the same teacher, then we can transition easier between the two models.

Please define "cohort" for the junior high.  Is it a single group of <20 kids?  Or, as the webinar implies, is one child in multiple cohorts throughout the day.

Some of you have heard that there is a maximum student cohort size 14:2 (students to adults).  This cohort size was established for school districts in counties that were in Tier I “purple”/previously “watchlist” related to COVID-19 cases.  Now this cohort size does not apply to orange county schools because the county is in Tier II “red” related to COVID-19 cases.  However, in an effort to continue to meet both the health and safety guidelines and in order to maintain academic integrity of all students, FSD will adapt our Safe Reopening Plan to include limiting the mixing of students as practicable outside their regular cohorts unless educational needs require it. 


Specifically, for secondary students with individualized schedules schools will follow the California Department of Public Health Guidance.  School staff as practicable will make every effort to minimize movement and reduce contact with others outside their group and staff members.  When this is not possible, staff will ensure the following practices are observed:  limiting the mixing of the students and staff during the school day, ensuring classroom spaces are cleaned in between sessions, ensuring all students and staff are wearing facial coverings, and strict adherence to the practice of physical distancing separating students and staff 6-feet from each other.