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Children are expected to attend school every day.
It is the parents responsibility to:
1. provide or arrange adequate transportation to and from school;
2. arrange for an adult to drop off and pick up the child on time each day; and
3. report absences the day of the child's absence from school.
There are three types of absences in CSPP: excused absences, best interest days, and unexcused absences. The lists for each follow below.
Excused Absences
Illness or quarantine of enrolled child
Illness or quarantine of enrolled child's parents / guardians
Medical / dental / vision appointments of enrolled child
Medical / dental / vision appointments of enrolled child's parents / guardians
Court-ordered visitation (court order must be on file in the Preschool Office)
Family emergencies, which are defined as
unexpected emergencies requiring the family members action:
1. Death of an immediate family member
2. Natural disasters
3. Epidemic
4. House fire or flooding
5. Transportation problems,
such as mechanical failure or car accident
(not lack of transportation)
6. Inclement weather which prevents enrolled child from getting to school
Best Interest Days (limited to 10 days per school year)
Illness and / or hospitalization of a family member
other than enrolled child's parents / guardians,
including siblings and grandparents
To attend funeral services
Religious holidays
Special events, such as weddings, family reunions, etc.
Court and / or immigration appointments
To take a family vacation
To spend time with visiting family
Lack of transportation
Unexcused Absences (limited to 3 days per school year)
Enrolled child does not feel like attending school
Enrolled child and / or enrolled child's parents / guardians work up late
Doctor's note is not provided for 5 consecutive days of absence
Reason for absence is not specified or specific
or does not fall under the Excused Absences above
Exceeds 10 Best Interest Days
Enrolled child's parent / guardian or authorized adult has not signed the sign in / out sheet
Preschool Office is not notified of the absence
To Report An Absence, call the Preschool Office at 714-447-7499.
Remember: You will need to provide the child's name, school site, date(s) of absence(s), the specific reason for the absence (including who is sick or who has the appointment and what type of appointment it is or what the actual family emergency is), and your name, phone number and relationship to the child.
Additionally, when your child returns to school, please remember to sign and provide the specific reason for your child's absence on your child's sign in / out sheet. If you have a doctor's note, please turn it in to your child's teacher on your child's first day back in the classroom.
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