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COVID-19 Updates Archive 2020-2021

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July 22, 2021


Dear Fullerton School District (FSD) Parents and Community,


We hope that you are having a great summer break and enjoying time with your children, friends, and family. 


Last week the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released updated COVID-19 requirements for K-12 schools for the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year.  COVID-19 health regulations are determined by state and county health officials, and schools/school districts are required to follow these in order to provide in-person instruction.


FSD is reviewing the new CDPH regulations to determine how it will impact the 2021-2022 school year which begins with students returning to school on Monday, August 16, 2021.  Listed below are some of the key components of the CDPH’s updated regulations which all schools and school districts, including private and charter schools, will have to implement in order to provide in-person instruction:

  • California will continue to require masks to be worn by both students and adults in school settings when in the presence of students.  Regardless of vaccination status.  Masks are optional outdoors for students and adults in K-12 school settings.
  • Schools and school districts must develop and implement local protocols to enforce mask requirements.  Students who do not meet one of the mask exception criteria and who do not comply with the universal mask wearing guidance may be placed in an alternative learning setting.
  • Physical distancing is no longer required as a result of the universal masking requirements.  Without universal masking in place, physical distancing would limit the number of students in a classroom and not allow students to return to school everyday for the full school day.
  • Schools and school districts must continue to implement mitigation and layered prevention strategies like increased ventilation, hand washing, respiratory etiquette, staying home when sick and/or getting COVID-19 tested, contact tracing in combination with quarantine and isolation, and regular cleaning and disinfection. 
  • CDPH will continue to assess conditions on an ongoing basis and will determine if and when mask requirements can be updated.

This new information provides clarity on what is required for schools to reopen in California and helps FSD prepare for reopening on August 16, 2021.  The FSD team has been hard at work preparing for the 2021-2022 school year to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and families is at the forefront.


FSD will resume a traditional, full-time, on-campus learning model for the 2021-2022 school year while continuing to follow all guidance as set forth by CDPH and the Orange County Healthcare Agency (OCHA).  Students and families will also have access to alternate instructional programs in the fall including the Distance Learning program, or MyFSD Academy, the District’s homeschool program.


FSD appreciates your continued support and partnership as we review and implement the new CDPH guidance.  We also appreciate your understanding that the FSD School Board and District administration are not permitted to lessen or not implement the requirements all schools in California are under from the California Department of Public Health.  The CDPH has a “Contact Us” link for any questions you may have regarding this guidance which can be found at http://www.cdph.ca.gov/Pages/contact_us.aspx.


Please also see a recently released joint communication from the Orange County Department of Education and Orange County Public Health on mask requirements by clicking here.


Please be on the lookout for additional updates from FSD regarding the 2021-2022 school year.




Robert Pletka, Ed. D.



Fullerton School District



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May 18, 2021


Hello FSD Parents, Guardians and Teachers,


As of today, Orange County has moved to the Yellow Tier for COVID-related illnesses. This means that some of the restrictions for promotion events have changed, allowing us to modify some of the plans for 6th and 8th grade promotions based on the new guidelines. The promotion regulations from California Department of Public Health (CDPH) continue to provide very restrictive guidance, even more restrictive than other outdoor events. The district abides by the CDPH guidelines and is not able to change procedures based on changes announced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Now that we have transitioned to the Yellow Tier, we can increase the number of attendees at our promotion events. Instead of “student plus two guests”, we can now accommodate “student plus four guests”. We still need to ensure that all attendees wear masks at all times during these events, and that all attendees pre-register per the guidelines.


Please register with your school if you have not already done so. Your sites will also be reaching out with information on how to register the additional family members for the events.


Thank you.




FSD Letterhead

March 30, 2021 


Dear FSD Families,

We are looking forward to a more traditional 2021-22 school year, and we wanted to provide you with some updates.  While it is difficult to be certain about the instructional format, these are our plans for the next school year:


  • We will be returning to a full-day “pre-pandemic” in-person school year, for Preschool-8th grades for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • We will continue to follow the health and safety guidelines from both the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the local health authorities.
  • We will offer virtual and home school options through the MyFSD Academy during the 2021-2022 school year.

It is important to note that Senate Bill 98 (SB98), which allowed for hybrid learning, will no longer be available after the 2020-2021 school year.  Families who prefer that their children not be in classrooms beginning in August 2021 will be able to enroll their students in virtual or homeschool options.  If you are interested in finding out more about the homeschool option, please click here.

An important aspect of the planning process for 2021-2022 is to gather information from our families regarding their preferences for next year.  If you are considering either the virtual or home school option for your child(ren) for the 2021-2022 school year, please complete the survey here by Friday, April 16, 2021. Please complete one survey per child you have enrolled in FSD. By completing this survey, you are not committing to a virtual or homeschool program model. This survey is for planning purposes only.  If you do not complete the survey, then we will plan on placing your child in the traditional pre-pandemic, in-person program. 

Since the middle of January, the number of cases in FSD has been steadily declining. The positivity rates in both Orange County and California have been declining rapidly which should put Orange County in the orange tier soon. Vaccinations are now available through Tier 1B which includes our staff. The vaccine trials for students are currently underway and we are looking forward to seeing what those results are in the coming months.

As we plan for 2021-2022, we will continue to follow the guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Orange County Healthcare Agency (OCHCA) and modify our health and safety protocols based on the most current guidance.

We will be sending out applications for virtual and homeschool options in May.

We look forward to seeing your students again on our campuses!

Thank you,

Robert Pletka

Ed.D. Superintendent





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Greetings Fullerton School District Parents and Guardians,

We are asking families to help keep all students and staff safe by continuing the practice of monitoring the health of their child and those living in the home every day.

COVID-19 can be transmitted in public spaces and in our homes. If you or someone in the home is exhibiting any of these symptoms, please do not send your child to school.  We can offer distance learning options for children who are unable to attend their regular program due to illness and/or quarantining. 


  1. Does your child or someone in your home have a high temperature (fever) now or in the last 10 days?
  2. Does your child or someone in your home have a cough not related to an allergy or other known illness?
  3. Does your child or someone in your home have shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  4. Does your child or someone in your home have repeated shaking with chills?
  5. Does your child or someone in your home have muscle pain unrelated to physical exertion or injury?
  6. Does your child or someone in your home have an unusual or unexplained headache?
  7. Does your child or someone in your home have a sore throat?
  8. Does your child or someone in your home have a new loss of taste or smell?
  9. Has your child or someone in your home tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days?
  10. Has anyone in your home traveled to a state/country with a high-transmission rate of COVID-19?
  11. Has anyone in your home been asked to quarantine by their employer or medical provider?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, please DO NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD COME to school until you have contacted your school nurse.

Contact your child’s school for further assistance – we will work with your family to assist in determining your child’s healthcare needs during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Thank you.



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January 16, 2021

Good Evening Fullerton School District Community,

Today at a special Board Meeting, the Board approved to extend Distance Learning and on-campus Supervised Distance Learning until January 29, 2021. We will resume Hybrid and 5-Day instructional programs on Monday, February 1, 2021.

For the next two weeks, schools will be providing the option of Supervised Distance Learning on campus for students, or students may continue to participate in Distance Learning at home. If you choose to send your child to school for Supervised Distance Learning, please follow the instructional cohort schedule your child was on before the winter break. 

For students receiving Special Education services, we will offer in-person and virtual services. Students that come to school in-person will be supervised by classroom teachers, substitute teachers, instructional aides, or classified staff.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work together to provide a safe teaching and learning environment based on the needs of our students and staff. Please contact your school’s office if you have any questions.

Fullerton School District






Hello Fullerton School District Parents and Guardians!

Please watch this video showing the wellness check that should be done at home every day before students leave for school. This daily check will help you determine if your student should stay home or if it is all right to send them to school.

Thank you.



FSD Letterhead
December 11, 2020

Good Evening Fullerton School District Parents,

We need to share some important information relevant after we return from Winter Break. We are continuously monitoring the health and safety conditions and making refinements to our systems. We have been monitoring the number of COVID-19 cases in the District since we returned to in-person learning and have found an increase in the number of positive cases following the Thanksgiving Break. Due to the statewide surge of testing that occurred right after Thanksgiving in labs throughout the state, our FSD COVID-19 testing results were delayed, and in some cases, we didn’t receive results for many days. 

In anticipation of a similar increase in the number of cases and impact on COVID-19 testing results, the District will be moving to Distance Learning for all students for the first 4 days when we return from Winter Break (Tuesday, January 5th is our first day of school as planned). 

We are committed to keeping our students and staff safe while still providing on-campus learning opportunities for our students and families who need this support. 

  • During the week of January 5th through the 8th, all students will be distance learning from home. 
  • During the week of January 11-15, 2021, every school will be offering supervised Distance Learning and extended care at school for students currently enrolled in Hybrid and 5-day learning models in addition to in-school support for students on IEPs.  Due to the potential time table for testing results, your children will be supervised by school employees, but their classroom teacher will be teaching your child via Zoom during that week of January 11-15th. 

We will fully return to the current established learning options including in-person learning Tuesday, January 19th (Martin Luther Day Holiday is January 18th). We will have completed and received test results for our employees by that time. At that time, you may change to Distance Learning if you so choose or continue with your current learning option. Please contact your school site for any learning model changes.

We are encouraging you to have your children COVID-19 tested after the Winter Break and during that first week of January 4th so they can return to school safely. We will be providing further information on COVID-19 testing centers on our website next week. 

We appreciate your understanding as we work to address the safety needs of our students and staff and adjust to changing conditions. However, we are committed to offering in person learning and meeting both the academic and socio-emotional needs of students who need and flourish in in-person learning. 

For this next week of December 14th we have made no changes and we will continue to offer all our learning options including Hybrid and the 5-Day Learning option as planned.

Please enjoy the time with your family during the holidays. We are thankful to be able to educate your children and look forward to seeing them on January 5th via Zoom.

Best Regards,

Dr. Bob Pletka

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November 28, 2020

Greetings Fullerton School District Parents, Guardians and Staff,

We sincerely hope that you had a restful, relaxing, and joyful Thanksgiving Break.  COVID-19 cases have seen a recent surge both nationwide and in Orange County.  This communication is to inform our parents and community on why the Fullerton School District is continuing to provide parents and students with the option of in-person at school instruction. 

We are committed to making school safe for our students, staff and community. To this end, we have implemented a number of health and safety protocols to help protect everyone. As each student and staff member enters the school, they are checked for elevated temperature and screened for COVID-19 symptoms and use of masks. Hand sanitizing and hand washing are part of daily routines. Students are seated six feet apart and encouraged to remain six feet from others at all times while at school. In recent consultation with our employee associations, we have decided to add new safety precautions including now offering weekly COVID-19 testing for all employees. We are appreciative of FETA, CSEA, and FESMA for their collaboration to keep everyone safe.

Largely, these precautions do seem to be working. While some have suggested that our schools would be super spreader locations for COVID-19, we have found that COVID-19 cases in the Fullerton School District seem to trend at a lower rate than the National, State, and county rates of spread. Similar to National and State trends, our students and staff who contract COVID-19 are mostly contracting COVID-19 through travel, family gatherings, and community activities. When we see cases of potential spread occurring at school, we respond with contact tracing in coordination with the Orange County Health Care Agency and quarantine impacted classes or individuals. While there is a risk of transmission of COVID-19 in schools, there are studies (https://www.npr.org/2020/10/21/925794511/were-the-risks-of-reopening-schools-exaggerated, and Oster, 2020) that show some of the safest places are in schools with the types of safety precautions which FSD continues to follow.

While there is a risk of COVID-19 spread, there are other safety and social-emotional risks of not offering in-school learning to students, such as depression, self harm, loneliness, and even increases in cases of abuse. 

Also, there are long lasting risks for students who fail to learn or experience “learning loss.” When students don’t get the learning they need, there are real risks of higher rates of poverty, imprisonment, and even adverse health effects later in life. While some students are thriving in a distance learning environment, other students find the limitations of distance learning detrimental to their growth both academically and social-emotionally.

Only the hindsight of history will tell what the ideal pathway was through this pandemic. However, we do know the risks to our children can be devastating when they don’t get the needed academic support, sense of belonging, and social-emotional development that in-school learning offers to many children. We are immensely thankful for our staff and community for their courage and service for the sake of our children’s well being.

With much gratitude to our supportive staff and community,

Dr. Bob Pletka





FSD Letterhead


Date: November 18, 2020

To: FSD Parents and Community

From: Dr. Chad Hammitt, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Services

Re: Traveling through the Holidays and Family Gatherings


Thank you parents and staff for continuing to follow our District’s Safety Plan for COVID-19.  We know that everyone’s efforts are making a difference and we appreciate your support during this unprecedented time. 

As you anticipate making holiday plans in the upcoming weeks, which may include travel, we ask for you to continue to be diligent by following CDC guidelines for family gatherings and public transportation.

We also want to ensure that you are aware of the latest travel advisory released this week by the California Department of Public Health which states that anyone arriving in California from other states or countries, including returning California residents, should practice self-quarantine for 14-days after arrival.   This is a recommendation and a personal choice, but not a mandate imposed on families by either the State or the District.  Additionally, there are circumstances in which out of state or country travel involves no close contact with others, and in these limited cases a family may choose not to voluntarily self-quarantine.  

If you will be traveling, please consider the additional factors listed below and how they will impact your safe return to campus:

  • Did you travel to an area that has a high rate of COVID-19 infections?
  • Did you spend time on an airplane, boat, or other form of transportation with a larger number of people closer together than 6 feet?
  • Did you go into any public areas without wearing a mask or where many others were not wearing masks and were closer together than 6 feet?
  • Did you attend any large social gatherings or events with large crowds closer together than 6 feet?
  • Did you have any exposure to people who were COVID-19 positive or symptomatic during your travel or gathering?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you should consider making the personal choice to self-quarantine for a 14-day period upon your return and contact your school office to let them know your child will be temporarily attending distance learning during this quarantine.  

We sincerely hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season, and we also want to avoid any unnecessary increases in COVID-19 cases.

California Department of Public Health Travel Advisory - 11/13/2020

CDC - Family Gathering and COVID-19

CDC - Traveling During COVID-19

CDPH – Gathering and Prevention of COVID-19






Hello Fullerton School District Parents and Guardians,

We hope this message finds you and your family well. We are excited to bring students back to campus, and have been implementing safety protocols and equipment as well as additional technology needed to ensure students in class and at home will have a great educational experience.

As our school and District leaders work diligently to prepare for our in-person opening on Tuesday, October 13, 2020, sites are working to place students into Hybrid and Five-Day learning groups on Mon/Thu or Tue/Fri (with alternating Wednesdays) cohort for in-class attendance. In order to ensure safety protocols are followed, principals need to know exactly who is in each group. To ensure a timely opening of on-site instruction and sufficient notification to families, all learning options will be final as of the close of school on Wednesday, September 30th. Any change requests for a child to move into either Hybrid or Five-Day that are submitted after that date will not be considered until October 26th. Change requests to move into Hybrid or Five-Day may take up to 10 days to complete. Students choosing to move from Hybrid or Five-Day into Distance Learning may do so at any time as long as the site principal and teacher are notified.  A move back to any on-campus learning option would only be considered after October 26th and will be subject to the 10-day implementation period. 

Parents who have chosen Five-Day or Hybrid will receive their Mon/Thu or Tue/Fri (with alternating Wednesdays) cohort schedule from their school during the week of October 5th. We are currently working to ensure that junior high school principals can place students based on course offerings. They will subsequently work with elementary school principals who will work to coordinate sibling cohort assignments when possible. Elementary principals are also working on ensuring combination classes are split on days by grade level, when possible.

As you may be aware, the State announced that in-person cohorts can be no more than 14 students. This announcement only applied to counties who were still in the “Purple” or “Tier I” status for COVID infection rates, and was meant to help begin bringing back small groups of special needs students. This does not apply to our return to school on October 13th, as currently Orange County is in the “Red” or “Tier II.” We will continue to follow state and local guidelines in order to bring students back safely and limit class sizes according to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

Thank you for your continued understanding as we work through this trying time together.

Dr. Bob Pletka


Greetings Fullerton School District Parents and Guardians,

Please make a learning option choice for each of your children by Monday, September 14th. You will choose from the Virtual Learning Model from home, Hybrid Learning Model, or Five-Days at School Learning Model unless your child is attending the MyFSD homeschool academy.  Any student who does not have a learning option choice selected will be automatically placed in the Hybrid Learning Model. If a parent wants to change their choice after in-person, on-campus school starts, those changes may take up to 7 days to take effect after notifying the school office.

There is one more parent webinar tonight, Thursday, September 10th at 6pm. Please visit the district website, click on the Learning Options banner, and choose the Zoom or YouTube Live link to join. You can also view the Learning Options webinar recordings as well as see a list of answered questions by visiting the FSD website and clicking on the Learning Options banner

Find attached a permission slip only for those parents who are choosing the Five-day at School option. Please also find attached the learning option form that you can complete and turn in at your school site by September 14th. Schools also have copies of these forms. You can also visit our Powerschool Parent Portal by going to our district website, then hovering over parent, then clicking PowerSchool Parent Portal.

If you have already made a learning option choice and want to change it, you can change it in the Parent Portal, or by turning in a new form to your school site. Please inform the school office staff that you are making a change.

Thank you.

Dr. Bob Pletka







Dear Fullerton School District Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! As you know, the Fullerton School District began the school year on Tuesday, August 11th with a successful start to our Distance Learning program. We are anticipating a return to in-person instruction by providing parents with a choice of learning options as described on our website. Orange County is nearing the COVID-19 rates that will allow schools in the county to return to in-person schooling using a hybrid model.  When the positivity rate reaches and remains at 8% or lower and the cases per 100,000 reaches and remains at 100 or fewer for 14 consecutive days, we will be allowed to return. We are anticipating that Fullerton School District could be given approval for in-class instruction by early September. We want to provide sufficient notice to parents, staff, and students that in-class instruction could begin as early as Monday, September 14, 2020.

We are asking you to make a choice, for each TK - 8th grade student in your home, between hybrid learning, five day onsite learning, or at-home independent study/virtual instruction. If you choose the five-day onsite learning, you will need to complete the consent form included in this email. It is essential that you complete this choice by September 4th. If you have not made a choice for your child(ren) by September 4th, your child(ren) will be placed in the hybrid model. If you have already enrolled in the MyFSD Academy homeschool, you do not need to do anything. It is important to note that these choices do not apply to preschool students.

There are three ways to indicate your choice:

  1. Go to the parent portal and login. Select your choice from the drop-down menu. No need to visit the school at all. If you need help with your portal account please contact school office staff. 
  2. Complete the form attached to this email and return to your school office. 
  3. Go to your school office for a paper copy of the form to complete starting Friday, August 21st.


If you choose Independent Study/Virtual Instruction, it is highly likely that your child(ren) will be assigned a different teacher when we transition to in-class instruction. 

The Fullerton School District is committed to student learning, public health, and safety. Please watch this video that shows what in-person school may look like with our COVID-19 health and safety precautions in place. We all look forward to opening schools for in-person instruction as soon as we can do so safely.

Although we have shared them in the past, here is the link to our district safety guidelines.


Bob Pletka, Ed.D.


Hello Fullerton School District Parents,
As previously communicated, FSD is starting the new school year on August 11, 2020 with 100% distance learning. We recently announced that parents would be asked to make a learning option choice for their children pertaining to when FSD schools are allowed to reopen for on-site learning. We announced that parents would make this choice during the Annual Information Review (AIR) process however, because the AIR process needs to be completed in the next week, we want to ensure parents have time to make the best choice for their child and family. Instead of collecting the information in AIR, during the month of August we will send out a survey allowing parents to choose a learning option for their students, and to provide feedback on what is important to you as we consider returning to in-person, on-campus learning in the future.
Any parent who wishes to choose the MyFSD Academy (the TK-6th grade homeschool program) will need to enroll for that option by August 7th by clicking here to visit the MyFSD Academy website. There are two more webinars this week and there are recordings of the MyFSD Academy webinars we have already hosted on that web page if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Jeremy Davis
Assistant Superintendent, Innovation and Instructional Support




Dear Fullerton Community,

On behalf of the Fullerton School District staff, we thank you and your family for your support and appreciate your commitment to educating your child in the Fullerton School District. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the 2020-2021 school year.

School Year Start Under Current COVID-19 Mandates

In accordance with orders from the California Department of Public Health and the Governor’s recent mandates, the Fullerton School District will begin the school year on August 11, 2020 with a Distance Learning Model. The Fullerton School District will be offering an enhanced online FSD 360° Distance Learning Program that will incorporate the following:

  • Classroom Instruction: 
      • Live interaction with teachers and classmates with synchronous and asynchronous learning
      • Rigorous content aligned with state standards
  • Daily Tracking of Attendance and Participation: 
      • Regular attendance checks
      • Monitoring of participation and interaction with learning
      • Positive reinforcement to engage students
  • Academic Support and Enrichment:
      • Academic intervention will be offered to students performing below grade level and for students with learning loss
      • Distance Learning accommodations and modifications made for students with special needs through Individualized Education Plans
      • G.A.T.E. Instruction 
      • Enrichment opportunities through supplemental resources
  • English Language Development for English Learners: 
      • Integrated and designated ELD for English Learners, continued assessments of English language proficiency
  • Social Emotional Supports: 
      • Support from our mental health staff and counselors
      • Social Emotional Learning lessons

School sites will follow traditional grading practices, report cards, and systems that reflect classroom assignments and assessments. In the coming week, please refer to the district website to learn more about how FSD plans to provide high quality online instruction through a personalized and robust Distance Learning instructional model.

Transition After Clearance from Local Health Agency

While we offer distance learning during the state mandated school closure, we are making safety enhancements to meet Covid-19 guidelines for when we reopen. Additionally, we are working with our local health department for guidance as we monitor the local Covid-19 numbers. In the meantime, we are asking you to start thinking about different school options that will be available when we reopen our schools. 

When Orange County is removed from the Covid-19 California Watch List for 14 consecutive days and resultant clearance from the Orange County Healthcare Agency is received, FSD schools will transition to offer different learning models for students. After transitioning from Distance Learning to on-site instruction, the Fullerton School District will offer three different learning models based on state guidelines under Stage 2 of the CA Roadmap (https://covid19.ca.gov/roadmap/.) Parents will be asked to choose one option that best meets the needs of their child and family. The fourth program option, MyFSD Academy/Homeschool, will start at the beginning of the school year on August 11, 2020. In order for parents to begin the MyFSD Academy at the start of the school year, parents will need to enroll their students into the MyFSD Homeschool by August 7, 2020. Visit the MyFSD Academy website for enrollment forms by going to www.fullertonsd.org, clicking Parents, then clicking MyFSD Academy.

Option 1: Five-day at School Learning Model

  • Students will be provided in-class core instruction 2 full days per week and select Wednesdays.
    • Monday and Thursday OR Tuesday and Friday in-class core instruction
    • On select Wednesdays, a combination of in-class and asynchronous learning (typically alternating Wednesdays)
    • Students will be with their elementary grade-level/jr. high assigned teacher(s).
  • The other approximate 2 and a half days, students will receive Extended Learning opportunities with on-site educational activities.
    • May include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Art, outdoor activities, Social Emotional Learning, Project Based Learning, and academic interventions with support staff 
    • In order to be placed in the Extended Learning Program, parents must enroll their children.

Option 2: Hybrid Learning Model

  • Students will be provided in-class core instruction 2 full days per week and select Wednesdays.
    • Monday and Thursday OR Tuesday and Friday in-class core instruction
    • On select Wednesdays, students will receive a combination of in-class and asynchronous learning (typically alternating Wednesdays)
    • Students will be placed in this program by default if parents do not select another option. 
    • Students will be with their elementary grade-level/jr. high assigned teacher(s)
  • On the non-student attendance days, students will be provided with asynchronous independent activities, such as Project Based Learning. Students will be using online resources at home to apply knowledge and reinforce skills learned during in-class core instruction days.

Option 3: Independent Study (100% Virtual Instruction)

  • Students will be assigned to an FSD teacher, who will provide distance learning.
  • Students living within their school’s boundary area will be guaranteed enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year. 
  • For students on intra-district and inter-district transfers, we will follow FSD’s regular transfer protocols.
  • A trimester/semester commitment to the program is recommended. 
    • At the end of the trimester/semester, students may reconsider options 1 or 2 contingent upon space at their site. 
    • If space is not available at the home site, parents will be provided with the choice to have their child attend school at district sites that have space in classrooms offering options 1 and 2.

All learning models incorporate full English Language Arts (ELA) and math instructional standards, with support to our English Learners through integrated English Language Development (ELD), along with integrated social science and science. Changes to state and local guidelines may result in changes to learning model options. 


In anticipation of the clearance from the local health agency and in preparation for reopening of schools, parents will be asked to choose a model to pre-enroll their students. An email will be sent to the primary parent’s email address in the student’s PowerSchool account. You will be choosing your option through the Annual Information Review (AIR) process. That information will be coming to your email soon. You will need to enroll each student in your household separately. Your choice is not permanent and the information will be used to staff our schools appropriately. Paper enrollment forms will be available at the school sites offices. Students who have not enrolled in one of the options or the MyFSD Academy Homeschool will be placed into the Hybrid model by default.

For any questions regarding Distance Learning, please contact Educational Services at 714-447-7709 or at fsddistancelearning@myfsd.org.  We are committed to providing students with quality instruction through flexible learning models. We look forward to a healthy and safe start of the new school year!


Robert Pletka, Ed.D. 







Dear Fullerton School District Parents, Staff and Community Members,

The Fullerton School District is sending out this communication to all parents, staff and community members in order to share with our community that Governor Newsom has just announced that schools in counties (like Orange County) on the state monitoring list will be reopening with Distance Learning only. As a result, Fullerton School District schools will be reopening with Distance Learning only on August 11th.  More information will be provided at a special board meeting on Monday, July 20th at 4pm. 

We want to provide our parents, students, and community with our health and safety plans that will be in place when the district is eventually allowed to re-open for in-classroom instruction at some point during the 2020-2021 school year. The Fullerton School District is committed to ensuring that all students and staff are kept as safe as possible and that measures are put into place so that students and staff feel comfortable and safe when returning to school/work.  The Fullerton School District has met, reviewed, discussed, and received input and feedback into the health and safety measures from our employees, parents, and community stakeholders.  These health and safety measures are pending Board approval prior to implementation.

The measures that will be put into place are based upon the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) document, “COVID-19 Industry Guidance: School and School-based Programs”, and the Governor’s current executive orders.  This document and the Governor’s executive orders provide schools with health and safety guidelines for reopening.  As you are aware, this is a constantly evolving situation and if the conditions related to COVID-19 change, some or all of the health and safety guidelines may change.  Outlined below are COVID-19 related health and safety guidelines that will be put into place before the start for in-classroom instruction for the 2020/2021 school year pending Board approval:

  • Face Coverings will be worn by all staff and students indoors and outdoors.  Exceptions will only be provided for individuals with medical conditions, mental health conditions, or disabilities.  Face shields with drapes will be available as a face covering option for employees.
  • Social Distancing measures will be put into place in the different physical environments at school.  “Distancing Dots” will be placed on the ground in line areas, the number of desks will be reduced in classrooms and appropriately spaced apart. Hallway and gates will be used by smaller numbers of students at the same time and incidental contact will be avoided.
  • Screening Procedures will be put into place for all students and staff as they arrive to work/school in the morning.  All students and staff will have their temperature taken with a “touchless” device and secondary screening and hydration processes will be in place.
  • Increased Hygiene will be reinforced and put into daily school routines including: increased hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water (portable hand wash stations will be located throughout campuses) or the use of approved hand sanitizer when hand washing is not feasible, covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow, and avoiding touching of the nose, eyes, or mouth.
  • Intensified cleaning, sanitation, and ventilation will be put into effect at all schools and work locations.  High-touch items will be cleaned and sanitized daily.  Classroom and students work areas will be cleaned and sanitized when a new group of students will be using the location.  School-approved EPA listed disinfectant products proven to eliminate the COVID-19 virus will be utilized.  HVAC filters will be changed out with MERV-13 filters and outside air will be drawn in to improve air circulation.
  • Stay home when sick will be promoted and encouraged with all students and staff in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • Student meals will be eaten in the classroom or location that is the student’s “home base” for the day.  Food items will be packaged and handed to students by District staff wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Limit student gatherings by posting the maximum number of students in any one location based on social distancing guidelines.  Line-up and waiting procedures meeting social distancing guidelines will be put into place.
  • School buses will be seated with one student/family per seat.  Buses will be cleaned and sanitized between routes and when different students are seated on the bus.  Students will be temperature screened prior to getting on the bus.
  • iPads and students devices will be sanitized when they are repaired or replaced using a UV light sanitizing device.
  • No sharing of classroom materials and supplies will be put into place as students will use their own set of materials and supplies. Any items that must be shared will be properly sanitized between uses by different students.
  • Training will be provided to all students, staff, and parents on COVID-19 signs and symptoms, preventing the spread, and proper health and safety measures.

These health and safety measures are just an overview of the guidelines provided for by the CDPH and that we discussed with our employee, parents, and community stakeholders.  More detailed and specific information will be forthcoming regarding each of these health and safety guidelines and what you can expect.  Please know that FSD will continue to communicate with you regarding the constantly evolving and changing COVID-19 situation.

FSD has more information available to our parents and community regarding our long-term full-time distance learning programs on our website at www.fullertonsd.org.  Please refer to our COVID-19 Update and Guidelines webpage for the latest information.

Thank you FSD parents and community for your continued support and understanding during these difficult and uncertain times.  We hope that you are enjoying a safe and healthy summer and you have found time to relax, rest, and spend time with family and loved ones.





Dear Parents,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well during this difficult timeEarlier this week, Fullerton School District (FSD) heard about a recommendation from the Orange County Board of Education (OCBE) that has created confusion.  OCBE recommended opening schools with no social distancing or masks. As communicated by Dr. Al Mijares, Superintendent  - Orange County Department of Education, the recommendations made by OCBE are not binding. Some of these recommendations may even be in conflict with health orders for reopening schools communicated by the Orange County Health Department. 

FSD is under the authority of the FSD Board of Trustees and acts independently from the Orange County Board of Education. Our District is developing safety and health precautions currently based on the input from FSD’s parent and staff committees. These precautions are consistent with the Orange County Health Department orders and reflect the viewpoint of the Fullerton School Board of Trustees. In the near future, you will be receiving the Health and Safety measures that have been developed locally by our staff and parents that are consistent with State law, Orange County Health Department directives, and executive orders.

I understand how difficult it is for families during this time and appreciate your trust and support. I am committed to working with our parents, staff and community to face all challenges presented by COVID-19. Be safe and be well.


Dr. Bob Pletka, Superintendent