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January 17, 2021 Letter to the Community

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1401 W. Valencia Dr.

Fullerton, CA 92833


 January 17, 2021


Dear Fullerton Community,


The Board of Fullerton School District is “encouraging district wide participation in Black History Month” throughout February and “declaring that the lives of black students matter” (Per Resolution 19/20-21). Fullerton School District is committed to supporting and appreciating our diverse community and standing against racial injustice. 


By listening and responding to the voices within our Fullerton school communities, we better understand the ways in which our students, parents and staff of diverse backgrounds have experienced the impact of national events as it relates to their own local experiences. With this understanding, we aim to elevate our responsiveness to our Fullerton school community, advance our educational system for students of all backgrounds, and better engage students, parents and staff.


The Fullerton Associations, CSEA, FETA, FESMA, FSD, PTA, DELAC, and Champions for Learning are working in unison to enhance our Fullerton school communities and to voice solidarity with our parents, students, and staff. In collaboration with our associations, we have completed the Listening Tour process that included focus group discussions, which captured the voices and experience of our parents, staff and students. Additionally, all parents were sent a district-wide survey to elicit input regarding their experiences with cultural awareness and inclusion. Based on the data, the Listening Tour Committee identified common themes that include a needs assessment that will help FSD be more culturally responsive in the areas of professional development, curriculum and resources, cultural awareness, and cultural celebrations.  Committee recommendations for action will be formalized through the LCAP process and Board of Trustees’ approval. The following goals were established by the Listening Tour Committee and supported by the Board on December 15, 2020.


  • Expand a district-wide focus on cultural awareness including events, literature, and activities, including the celebration of Black History Month and honoring the lives of the Black community. 
  • Establish a Task Force Committee, in collaboration with our stakeholders, to provide input for a comprehensive plan and timeline for district-wide implementation of practices on cultural awareness, racial equity, and inclusion.
  • Facilitate discussions on cultural awareness, racial equity, and inclusion at each school site that reflect site and community needs.
  • Ensure that classroom libraries include cultural diversity and represent the community we serve:
  • Offer professional development and training for staff that address:
    • Culturally responsive teaching strategies
    • Age-appropriate lessons that focus on cultural diversity with multiple perspectives and citizenship 
    • Implicit bias
    • Continued partnerships with organizations, such as the Museum of Tolerance, to provide training to students and staff on combating hate.
  • Adopt a new edition of History/Social Science curriculum.
  • Work with parent associations to provide Information sessions for parents and community on equity, inclusion and cultural awareness. Establish communication systems that allow district-wide sharing of practices, ensuring better consistency with practices across Fullerton Schools.
  • Expand collaboration with community partners and guest speakers to help facilitate a process in developing systematic approaches that reflect culturally relevant pedagogy and practice. 


The Fullerton Council PTA, DELAC, CSEA, FETA, FESMA, Champions for Learning and FSD are committed to working together with the entire FSD community to ensure that our students and families feel heard, valued, and accepted. We embrace our diversity and know that together, we can understand each other and treat one another with kindness and respect. Our unique differences are one of many attributes that make FSD a truly special place.




Fullerton School District