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2020-2021 Dream Catchers

Aubrey Aubrey is committed to going above and beyond in everything she does. She is always eager to assist fellow student and was elected Student Council Vice President this year. She is a virtual learner who is earning high marks in all of her subject areas and has won first place in several Speech and Debate competitions.
Student Image Charlize has a deep passion for promoting equality and acceptance in the world. She uses her voice to speak up in a respectful manner and chases after her dreams. She always strives for excellence in all that she does. Not only is Charlize the Student Body Vice President, she also organized an art installation to promote equality and acceptance in a peaceful manner. Charlize has also placed first in the 2020 Novice Poetry Speech and Debate Competition, interviewed and spoke to Vice President Kamala Harris, appeared multiple times on Good Morning America to discuss the legacy of John Lewis and Vice President Kamala Harris, and was featured in a national CNN piece and Fox 11 piece highlighting her correspondence with the Vice President.
Emily is an outstanding piano accompanist who records individual vocal parts for the choir students to use for rehearsal and recording. Emily works hard and methodically to match the tempo of each piece and plays the notes and rhythms accurately for each recording. This enables choir students to rehearse their music outside of class time and prepare for visual performances. In addition to playing for school, Emily also provides private lessons and learns music above and beyond choir to further refine her passion.
Student Image Ethan is a brilliant thinker and passionate scientist. He aspires to be a future chemist and at age 10, has memorized the Periodic Table. Ethan is committed to sharing his passion with others that he started his own YouTube channel called Ethan's Laboratory! Ethan's passion for science is an inspiration to the school and his peers. Be sure to check out Ethan's Laboratory where he shares his love of science with the world.
Student Image Jackson and his family are committed to helping at the Ronald McDonald House. He has a cousin who is in a wheelchair and often gets ill. The Ronald McDonald House helps his cousin, so Jackson helps by baking and making meals for the Ronald McDonald House. In addition to being a model student at Nicolas Junior High School, Jackson is an honors student, in the STEM program and is part of the First Robotics Competition Team.
Student image Josiah is an honors student at Nicolas who always does the right thing. He is a role model who makes food and delivers it to people in need. He is well-rounded, a soccer player, creative force, Boy Scout, and member of the First Robotics Competition.
Student Image Nathalie Martinez-Lopes shows dynamic skills in identifying and putting her animation dreams into tangible actions by constantly pursuing her dream. She watches animation videos, studies the work of animatos and has saved her own money to purchase a table to practice animation. She inspires other students to fulfill their dreams and pushes everyone to be more creative. She is committed to her passion, even if it means extra work for herself.
Student Image Samsarahi works hard, always does the right thing, and is always ready to help others. Not only an honors student, Samsarahi is also active in Dance and AVID. Samsarahi finds time to vounteer at the Fullerton Public Library twice a week, takes piano lessons, and has a junior black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Student Image Sarafina is an entrepreneur who has created and brought to fruition two different small businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic. Her first business is a a dog walking service that she has successfully marketed and advertised. She also created an online earring business selling earrings. In recognition of different cancer awareness days/months, Sarafina has created themed earrings and donated them to essential workers. She is interested in finding other avenues using her earrings to impact others.
Student Image Shriya has a passion and talent for chess and uses this gift to make a positive impact on the community. She volunteers her time to visit nursing homes to teach the elderly how to play chess. Not only does she teach them a new skill, her kindness brings joy and comfort to those she visits.