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2019-2020 Dream Catchers

Student Image
Student Image
These two brothers are survivors of the Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting. They have chosen to take action to make the world a better place by spreading frequent random acts of kindness. This is a family initiative that also includes their older brother and their parents. On the anniversary of the event, each person in their family chooses to perform 58 random acts of kindness in honor of the lives lost. These acts started small and are building as the boys share their mission of kindness. In fact, Memphis' Flat Stanley was sent to another survivor who then gifted the class with commemorative bracelets. 
Student Image Dulce is focused and determined. She is constantly working on improving her skills and helping her peers do the same. Dulce has demonstrated a passion for public speaking and has been a finalist at the SAUSD tournaments. Dulce is constantly working hard to improve herself and, in the process, motivating her peers to become involved in school activities. This has been Dulce’s first year competing in Speech and Debate and has been a finalist in all three tournaments we have had. Aside from speech and debate, Dulce is also involved in FRC after school.
Student Image Melisse is following her dream of playing competitive ice hockey at a high level. She is a role model for students wishing to break barriers of gender and ethnicity in sports. She has earned medals and trophies and plays on a Ducks team. Melisse has been playing hockey since she was 6. She is in her second year of 10U ice hockey for the Orange County Hockey Club where she is one of three girls on the team. This is her third year of travel hockey and in the coming year she will travel as far a Colorado and Toronto.
Student Image Abigail absolutely LOVES the arts. She participates in theater productions/groups outside of school as well as STAGE at Woodcrest. She is a very talented visual artist, she sings, and she even plays the ukulele. Abigail is involved in so many school activities - she is part of our journalism club, STAGE, as well as speech and debate. She would do more if there were more days in the week. Her involvement in the arts outside of school demonstrates her commitment to her dreams. Abigail is an outstanding student. She reads far above grade level, is a creative writer, and a strong mathematician. She pushes class discussions to a higher level and is always excited to participate and work to her full potential.
Student Image Kylysa is passionate about theater and acting. She is currently following this passion on the stage and in film. She is truly making her dreams come true. Kylysa is a role model in regards to following dreams and pursuing passions. Acting is a wonderful way for Kylysa to express herself in a positive way and allows her to share her talents with a wider community. Kylysa is currently part of the after school STAGE performance of Seussical the Musical. She is cast as the Young Kangaroo. Kylysa's life revolves around school, soccer, and acting. She heads to LA often for auditions and has been in 2 commercials (McDonalds and a Captain Marvel doll) and she was also on 4 episodes of a TV show called Q Wunder.
Student image Desmond Fitzgerald is truly a champion for learning. Desmond loves baseball and collecting baseball cards, and his favorite team is the Angels! He demonstrates a strong, persistent, and resilient personality that exemplifies kindness and caring. Desmond is a responsible young man who owns his hearing loss by educating others and advocating for himself. This past school year, Desmond served as an ambassador to a class in the La Habra School District to help a boy in need.
Student Image Ruby applies her talents in a focused manner to create change. She is actively involved in Dance, Speech and Debate, and is a student board member of the Fullerton Education Foundation. Ruby approaches new ideas with an open mind. She is always willing to see and discuss different views. Not only has Ruby taken a leadership role in Speech and Debate, but she has demonstrated her skill in public speaking by placing 6th place at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in 2019. Ruby has a broad range of skills and talent that makes her a natural leader at Nicolas JHS.
Student Image Joshua is a very wonderful young man. He is caring, friendly, helpful, responsible, conscientious, and really cares about learning and achieving at high levels. Joshua has a passion and drive to learn all that he can about computer programming - and to SHARE it and TEACH others! All year he asked his teacher if he could code "skills" for the in-class "Alexa/Echo". He figured out a need for "Alexa" and coded "Popsicle Sticks". Now, instead of pulling sticks (tongue depressors) from the antiquated can, the teacher can simply say, "Echo, open popsicle sticks" and she spits out a random name of a student in our classroom! Joshua also coded some "Morning Meeting" skills that a substitute teacher (or myself) could use when we need ideas for sharing topics and quick or longer activities for our daily morning meetings! He is so passionate about coding that he spent time on his winter break hosting a "Coding Camp" at his house to help classmates learn more about code! Many students from our class attended and said it was great! Joshua's love and passion for coding has been contagious in our classroom and other students are asking how they, too, can code a skill for Alexa. Joshua is also part of the Fisler Robotics and Math Olympiad Teams.