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Early Learning Inclusion PreSchool Program

Fullerton School District
Early Learning Inclusive Pre-School



Early Learning Inclusive Pre-School (ELIP)


Inclusion means teaching all children together, regardless of ability level. Preschoolers who are in the inclusive program will learn side-by-side celebrating their similarities as well as their different abilities and cultures. In this classroom, children with special needs take part in the general education curriculum. The goal of the program is for all students to achieve kindergarten readiness skills in the most natural and inclusive setting.

The focus of this classroom is multidimensional across the pre-academic, social, self-help and motor domain. Language and beginning literacy skills, including phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge, is emphasized.
Social/emotional and independence is fostered through direct teaching and cooperative play. We strive to prepare all learners for a successful kindergarten experience.


What Does ELIP Offer


This unique preschool class at Richman, Maple and Orangethorpe School will be taught by the Special Education Early Childhood Credentialed Teachers with a para-professional to support an inclusive classroom.


The program uses preschool curriculum that is aligned with the state Preschool Learning Foundations and is supplemented with research-based social skills and early literacy skills curriculum.


Selection Process


Upon completion of an online survey, candidates will be selected to participate in a Play-Based Observation to ensure a successful experience in the program. Students must be toilet trained and able to demonstrate age appropriate independence skills. The observation is conducted by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Children engage in a 30 minute free-play and circle time. The Professionals will be looking for exemplary learning-readiness skills, social skills and language abilities. All participants will receive a letter of notification regarding the final selection into the program.


How Do Parents Enroll


Schedule a Play-Based observation appointment
Parents are notified regarding child’s placement into the program
Family completes the registration process


Additional Information


ELIP Program at the FSD School sites will run from
August 12, 2019 through May 29, 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
AM 8:00-11:00 or
PM 11:30-2:30    
A monthly donation of $100 will be charged for materials and supplies.



Ann Kim: Program Coordinator

FSD Student Support Services