About Rolling Hills

  • Welcome to Rolling Hills Elementary School!  Nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing a safe and caring environment that empowers every student to fully engage and express themselves creatively. 


    Our mission:

    Rolling Hills Roadrunners are a positive, collaborative community of learners who engage in a rigorous, arts-infused curriculum that fosters critical thinking and creativity within a safe and caring environment.


    As proud Rolling Hills Roadrunners, we are a collaborative community of learners. Our school thrives on a rigorous, arts-infused curriculum that not only fosters critical thinking and creativity but also makes learning relevant and impactful for each child. We aim to inspire joy and purpose in every child’s educational journey while molding future leaders and innovators who cherish collaboration, critical thinking, and artistic expression.


    At Rolling Hills, education extends beyond traditional learning. We incorporate notable programs and pathways that enhance our educational landscape:


    • Our Multi-Age Program breaks the conventional age barriers, allowing children of different ages to learn together, which promotes peer learning, leadership, and personalized growth.

    • MyConnect Academy utilizes cutting-edge technology to connect students with global resources, making learning interactive and expansive.

    • The Performing Arts/Theater Pathway invites students to delve into their artistic talents, offering them opportunities to perform and express themselves in drama and music.

    • Our Community Garden is more than just a plot of land; it's a living classroom where students interact with nature and learn sustainable practices hands-on.

    • The strength of our Engaged and Active Parent Groups cannot be understated, as they play a crucial role in enriching our school culture and bolstering our educational initiatives through active involvement and support.


    Rolling Hills Elementary is also recognized for its excellence in education, evidenced by accolades such as the California Distinguished Schools, Platinum Award for our positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) system, and placement on the Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll for high academic achievement.


    At Rolling Hills Elementary, education is not just about learning; it's about experiencing joy in every discovery. Every Roadrunner is encouraged to soar to new heights, as we open doors to endless possibilities and adventures in learning. Join us, and be part of a community where education is a delightful exploration and every student is given the wings to fly.